Trigger Points Explained

Undergoing a massage therapy session is something many people like to look forward to after a long week of work. The trigger points in your body are handled meticulously by the experts to ensure you are relieved from the soreness you are feeling after experiencing fatigue and exhaustion.

Trigger points come from any injury, strain, or trauma that your muscles are put through. When your body experiences a weakened state due to too much exercising, stretching, or other strenuous or repetitive activities, your tissues get small tears in them—not only developing pain, but limiting your capacity to move as well.

If you want to know more about how these trigger points work in your body, then keep reading!

Trigger Point Development

The tissues affected as you perform an extended range of motion will eventually contract. Once that happens, the blood in your body is incapable of flowing freely, unable to reach your muscles and provide the appropriate nourishment they need to work.

To deal with the situation, your muscles will automatically cut back on its movements to shield your body from provoking an injury. Other ways to develop trigger points include imbalances in your system, inefficient body mechanics, lack of nutrients, and stress.

A massage therapist can help loosen up your contracted muscles and relieve pain to help you recover faster and get you back on your feet. They will target the trigger points affected during your activity and nurse your body to the way it was before.

Finding Your Trigger Points

Trigger points come in the form of a firm knotted patch of muscle. The moment you touch a part of your body, and it feels uncomfortable, you will immediately know it is a trigger point. Sore muscles containing points can become sensitive to any sudden touch or movement, as well—so watch out for those!

Whether you’ve previously undergone surgery or experienced an injury, it is possible to witness trigger points on your body due to the muscles surrounding it. The same goes for the muscles situated around your joints.

Therapists who perform rapid massage techniques tend to target your shoulder blades where many trigger points are typically found, followed by navigating your body to detect the other issues. If you want to locate them on your own, you can try stretching your body to figure out where it tends to be painful and tender.

Effects of Trigger Points to Your Body

The trigger points you develop from exerting too much force, or stress can limit your muscles from working correctly. They can lead to cramps or spasms due to the inability of your muscles to relax and perform your daily routines properly.

You will also become more tired, achieve slower recovery, and undergo muscle contractions at times when you try to move the affected part of your body. Trigger points can also result in muscle imbalance that could dislocate your joints if you are not careful.

Whenever you need to move, your muscles automatically expand and return to their original position. The effort you manage to make will put your trigger points in distress and lead to more pain. A good massage therapist can suggest solutions, like a myofascial release, to improve your situation and get rid of the soreness.


Now that you know how trigger points work, it is important to note that they can be avoided by taking good care of your body. It would also help if you have a proper exercise routine, focus on improving your posture, develop a healthy diet, stay hydrated, get proper sleep, and make it a habit to stretch every day. A registered massage therapist can also take care of your trigger points to help you avoid feeling too much pain and injuring yourself further.

Are you looking for trigger point therapy in Edmonton to help cure your muscle pain? Therapeutic Body Concepts is a clinic that offers massage and acupuncture solutions, including osteopathy and exercise therapy sessions. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment!

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