Sports Physical Therapy Of Ny

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Article provided by: Performax Physical Therapy and Wellness Deer Park

Sports Physical Therapy Of Ny

Sports Physical Therapy Of Ny

At Performax Physical Therapy and Wellness, we offer the best sports physical therapy of NY with a team of skilled staff and top of the line equipment. Our highly experienced sports PT of NY, Armand Diesso, and top physical therapist in NY, Jessica Torres, design individualized treatment plans for each of our clients to help them garner the best results in the recovery process.

Top reasons to choose us for post-op rehab

We are the top rated choice for post-op rehab in NY as our team of therapists possesses 20+ years of experience in advanced physical therapy and rehabilitation. We offer flexible scheduling, convenient hours of operation, and accept most insurance plans. With our post-op treatment, we primarily aim to improve movement and range of motion in the operated or injured areas. With physical therapy, we improve stability, balance, endurance, and muscle strength in patients and help them attain complete mobility.

We train you to engage in routine activities like climbing stairs, getting dressed, bathing, etc., without facing any challenges and educate you on a variety of techniques and exercises that help prevent injuries. Our top NY physical therapist Arman Diesso creates a custom treatment plan for each client to help them attain a safe and speedy recovery. 

Qualities to look for in a physical therapy center

Physical therapy plays a pivotal role in recovery from orthopedic surgeries and sports injuries. If you are looking for a place for physical therapy, make sure it has the following qualities:

  • Check their online reviews and find out from their previous clients about the staff, amenities, and efficacy of their therapy sessions. 
  • Make sure to join a rehab that has all the essential licenses, affiliation, and accreditations, to offer physical therapy. Check the experience and qualifications of the physical therapy staff and have a consultation with them to assess their knowledge and interpersonal skills.
  • Consider the location of the rehab and its proximity to where you live. You should be able to access the center without having to travel long hours.

Besides, make sure that the physical therapy center has top of the line equipment, advanced treatment programs, and a hygienic environment. Be sure to choose a center that offers physical therapy at affordable prices, especially if you plan on paying out of your pocket.

How does physical therapy help after surgery?

A physical therapist will allow you to learn the safest way to return to routine activities. With post-op physical therapy, you will learn exercises to regain your stability and strength, and your therapist will help you attain a full range of motion in the part of the body where you had an operation. Physical therapy speeds your recovery and enables you to overcome pain in the post-op phase. 

Speak to one of us at Performax Physical Therapy and Wellness for more details on our highly effective sports physical therapy of NY. We are a highly sought-after center for physical therapy in New York City for our affordable treatment plans. Join our all sports physical therapy center and attain optimal physical fitness and overall wellness.

Sports Physical Therapy Of Ny
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Sports Physical Therapy Of Ny
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Sports Physical Therapy Of Ny Sports Physical Therapy Of Ny

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