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Prenatal Massage Boise Idaho

Prenatal Massage Boise Idaho

The time that mothers-to-be spend pregnant can sometimes be stressful, not only on them but also on people around them. There is a lot of emotional stress involved when bringing new life into the world and shifting hormones and body changes. The good news is that you can look into your options for prenatal massage in Boise, Idaho, to help relieve some of the pain and stress often associated with pregnancy.

Why See a Certified Prenatal Masseuse?

Prenatal Massage in Boise, Idaho, is a safe, effective way for mothers-to-be to improve their sleep, relax, lessen anxiety, improve circulation, and reduce aches and pains. There is a lot of evidence that supports prenatal massage, and it is a safer alternative than a lot of common pregnancy medications.

Q: Is prenatal massage safe?
A: Due to the light, effective pressure used during the pregnancy massage, it is safe for both mother and baby. This is a nice addition to their prenatal care routine for many expecting mothers.

Q: What are the benefits of prenatal massage?
A: There are many benefits that expectant mothers get when setting up time with prenatal massage therapists. The time is enjoyable as you relax deeply and connect with the baby. There is also a boost in circulation that brings up the nutrient and oxygen levels for both mother and child. This is a natural, drug-free, and safe way to help relieve pregnancy-associated aches and pains.

Q: Will a prenatal massage be painful?
A: Pregnant moms' common concern is that the massage will be painful. Some tight or irritated areas may be sore or uncomfortable the following day, but this is light, effective pressure that is all about feeling your best. You should always tell your massage therapist if something does not feel right.

Q: What should I wear for the massage?
A: You can enjoy prenatal massage in Boise while wearing as little or as much clothing as you feel comfortable with. This is a personal decision. However, it is often recommended to keep underwear on, and you can have towels or a sheet covering body parts so only the areas being massaged get exposed.

Q: Is prenatal massage good for baby?
A: The massage works to make the mother feel good; the benefits then translate to the baby. Increased circulation and a stress-free feeling bring everything into balance.

Q: How many months can you get a prenatal massage?
A: Women can start seeing a prenatal massage therapist during their pregnancy, be it their first, second, or even the third trimester. In many cases, prenatal massage is good all the way up to and then beyond birth.

Are you interested in prenatal massage in Boise, Idaho? We would love to talk with you about our massage and bodywork offerings here at Whole Being Massage. If you have any questions or concerns, we would be happy to go over them during your initial consultation. Contact us by calling (208) 713-6562, and we can schedule your first appointment and any subsequent massage appointments.

Prenatal Massage Boise Idaho
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Prenatal Massage Boise Idaho
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Prenatal Massage Boise Idaho

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