physiotherapy Mississauga

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physiotherapy Mississauga

physiotherapy Mississauga

As a branch of alternative rehabilitation medicine, physiotherapy in Mississauga emphasizes treatment techniques that improve movement, function, and health. My Health physiotherapists utilize both new-age and traditional physiotherapy approaches. We also exploit fusion methods, where we combine physical exercises, heat therapy, or ultrasound treatment with modern holistic strategies.

Where to get advice about physiotherapy?

Our capable admissions representatives can answer general questions about our physiotherapy solutions. We provide a brief no-obligation consulting session to suggest appropriate steps based on what we learn about each case. All of our multifaceted licensed physiotherapists have relevant experience treating both acute and chronic pain syndromes.

Rest assured, we are an accredited institution built on strong, ethical values. Plus, we vet all of our practitioners to ascertain credibility. With this, our treatment centers have the distinction of providing the highest quality physiotherapy care solutions in Mississauga.

Types of health problems that physiotherapy fixes

We may recommend physiotherapy treatment if our comprehensive exams identify any movement, function, or health problems that we can correct. With the high-efficiency, precision-targeting techniques we use, our team can consistently guarantee extraordinary transformations. We use physiotherapy in Mississauga as a tool to treat a host of chronic and acute pains.

For instance, if someone reports pain symptoms in the quadriceps, physiotherapy can manipulate the hamstring to alleviate the pressure points. Sometimes, depending on the type of pain and localization of injuries, our licensed physiotherapist may prescribe manual therapy.

How will manual therapy help?

The delivery approach is the keystone factor in administering manual therapy for pain management. Mechanical modalities cannot deliver intricate strokes with a high degree of controlled motion like the hands. Using the hands to manipulate soft tissue and the joints, we observed notable improvements in:

  • Pain modulation
  • Inflammation
  • Range of motion

Why choose our physiotherapy clinic?

Physiotherapy in itself is challenging, but with us guiding the process and administering personalized care solutions, it’s an experience. Not only is our team supportive, but dependable, trustworthy, and committed too. We will do everything to ensure our clients regain control, take wellness seriously, and improve mobility for a pain-free life. In our support groups, participants will cultivate life-long coping skills and learn preventive tips.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Learn how to care for the body, soul, mind, and health
  • Learn practical pain management strategies
  • Health education
  • Activate biological healing elements

Patient education is a discipline we incorporate in our treatment approach to help clients learn about diseases and injuries. While providing care at our health centers, we do our utmost to maximize satisfaction and reduce frustration. Rest assured, our practitioners will work to have patients moving again without restriction and in optimal health. With our interventions, it is possible to resume competitive activities and lead a productive life.

Will physiotherapy in Mississauga soothe sore muscles, acute or chronic pain? Visit My Health online to book our free consultation or ask an agent at (905) 953 - 5000/ (905) 271 9333. Connect with our telehealth response team and get a quick health screening. For emergencies and acute healthcare solutions, please visit our local health centers for hands-on care.

physiotherapy Mississauga

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physiotherapy Mississauga physiotherapy Mississauga

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