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Physiotherapy Clinic Edmonton

Physiotherapy Clinic Edmonton

Doctors will suggest physiotherapy when your problems keep coming back and interfere with their initial treatment, such as surgery or medication. Anyone lacking experience with physiotherapy will feel upset because they do not understand why they need non-medical treatment. They get even more upset when the exercise seems too simplistic for their complex issues. At first, the exercises do not make a difference but eventually have significant improvements.

The physiotherapy in Edmonto team at Glenora makes it easy for you to enjoy therapy because they are friendly, encouraging, and, most importantly, patient. Do not get down on yourself when you need help because our team is eager to get you through a rough beginning until you can incorporate all routines into your everyday life.

Who needs physiotherapy?

You lack body balance.

Loss of balance is a common problem when you have an injury to your spine or head. Vestibular rehab is the physiotherapy technique that treats the above parts to treat inner ear conditions and restore balance. Physiotherapy at a back pain clinic in Edmonton overcomes these issues by analyzing specific issues affecting the eyes, head, and neck.

Pain while enjoying your day

Is it common to feel pain when you sit at the desk all day? People who work long hours for many years will inevitably develop headaches and backaches due to muscle and joints stiffness. Your body will love a physiotherapy session twice or thrice a week to rectify the long-term effects of bad posture or grueling hours.

An Edmonton pain and injury clinic works with you to assess the issue, offer a targeted exercise routine, and ease your suffering by working on specific tissues and muscle groups. The treatment plans include deep tissue massages, manipulation, and pain education to support fast healing.

Limited motion

Inflexible motion is a sure sign that you need physiotherapy. Some common symptoms are an inability to touch your toes as you would in your younger years, a stiff back that no longer stretches to its full potential, and tense muscles with limited flexibility.

Uncontrollable urination

Incontinence is a common problem, affecting three of every six people in the world. It is common for people to develop weak pelvic muscles from accidents, aging, childbirth, and any unsurmountable pressure and force on affected parts. Physiotherapy at the neck and back pain clinic in Edmonton AB improves the condition by exercising your pelvic floor to bring it back to character.


The leading causing for lack of sleep is typically lower back pain. The pain causes disturbed sleep because it affects nerve function and the spinal cord operation. Spinal injuries are debilitating and make it impossible for you to walk and do any everyday chore. Listen to your body for twinging, niggling, and a feeling of imbalance to sense any back discomfort. We will use unique treatments for back pain relief without surgery to restore your neurological order and bring back order to your life. 

The gentle healing actions elongate and massage your spine to relieve pain with the ultimate goal of introducing equilibrium to your body. Contact Glenora Chiropractic & Physiotherapy today to schedule your first appointment via 780-453-1111 

Physiotherapy Clinic Edmonton
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Physiotherapy Clinic Edmonton
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Physiotherapy Clinic Edmonton

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