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We are a Licensed and Registered Massage Therapy and Acupuncture Clinic in Edmonton. We provide world class therapeutic, professional and experienced Massage and Acupuncture in a space created to instill relaxation, calmness and harmony.

Edmonton Massage

Searching for the best Edmonton massage the area has to offer? You're going to love Therapeutic Body Concepts. With a wide range of options when it comes to massage, from Deep Tissue to Swedish Relaxation massage and even exotic hot stone massage treatment, there's sure to be something in their itinerary to meet your needs.

Thai Massage from Therapeutic Body Concepts is one of the most popular services they offer, and one that provides numerous benefits to the body and mind. As a traditional, holistic practice, the Thai Massage offers a rhythmic massage workout that can balance the body and fill its need for movement and stretching. Experts at Therapeutic Body Concepts use pressing techniques including gentle rocking, yoga stretches and expertise to relieve body stiffness, improve flexibility and work the body's major muscle groups in a unique way that is extremely beneficial.

Consider a few of the numerous benefits you'll experience at the hands of the masters at Therapeutic Body Concepts when you come in for a traditional Thai Massage:

- Relieve pain and reduce discomfort from everyday sore muscles with a Thai Massage. While a yoga session may leave the body feeling tired and over-exerted, a Thai massage is designed to provide all of the benefits of yoga with less of the impact on joints and muscles.

- Improve posture with a Thai massage that works to loosen and elongate the muscles. Paying closer attention to the large muscle groups can serve to improve the posture by centering your attention on how you sit and stand throughout the day.

- Older injuries seem to respond well to Thai Massage in terms of loosening up and being able to relax in a more efficient way than from other types of physical therapy. Thai Massage can increase the flow of blood to the injury and improve circulation which provides both short-term and long-term relief from pain.

- A traditional Thai Massage can work wonders to improve the mood relieve depression, even in clients who have not seen results from taking pharmaceuticals for their condition. Stop by Therapeutic Body Concepts in Edmonton for a Thai Massage that will leave you feeling on top of the world!

- Thai Massage has been shown to reduce the body's production of Cortisol, known more commonly as the stress hormone. Cortisol release is harmful to the body and the emotions. Many doctors are beginning to recommend a Thai Massage for patients who suffer with anxiety.

A professional Thai Massage at Therapeutic Body Concepts is extremely affordable. Book a 75 minute session for only $130, a full hour and a half session for just $150 and two hours of Thai Massage for $195. We're certain you'll find it to be one of your new favorites if you've never experienced one before.

You can learn more about what to expect from your Thai Massage by clicking on the ‘Services' link at the top of the website's home page and selecting ‘Thai Massage' from the drop down bar. Come in to the Edmonton facility for a massage unlike anything you've ever enjoyed and discover what you've been missing out on! Edmonton Massage
Therapeutic Body Concepts
Edmonton Massage
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Edmonton Massage

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