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Dry Needling Toronto

Dry Needling Toronto

You may have seen Chinese movies where pain and tight muscles are healed with just teeny tiny needles. And you wondered how this technique works. Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, modern physical therapists and massage centres use another form of this method, commonly known as Dry Needling. So, what is dry needling, and can you experience dry needling therapy in Toronto?

What Is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is an invasive procedure where a skilled and professional therapist uses thin monofilament needles that stimulate the myofascial trigger points within the skin. Using this effective procedure of reducing neuro-musculoskeletal pain, a therapist kick-start a person's natural healing mechanism.

What Is A Trigger Point?

A trigger point is a tight band of skeletal muscles that becomes a major reason for pain, causing tenderness, and restricting your body from functioning effectively. During a dry needling treatment, when the needle is applied to a trigger point, it loosens the muscles, which improves blood flow and eases out the pain.

How Does Dry Needling Work?

Dry needling treatment is a critical part involved in physical therapy and can only be performed by professional and skilled physical therapists. Its effectiveness in relieving pain is due to the needles used for this procedure. When those thin needles are applied to your body, your muscles trigger an involuntary response which quickly travels the brain through the spinothalamic pathway. Once the signal reaches the thalamus, it processes the sensory information and evaluates how that particle body structure works. The basic aim of dry needling is to reset the body structure as viewed by the brain.

Get Effective Dry Needling Therapy In Toronto

Chantal Milot RMT And Associates gives you the high quality Toronto dry needling experience that will help you feel relaxed while also improving your muscles movements. We offer a safe and completely reliable way of treating our patients looking for better outcomes with dry needling therapy.

Why We Are A Leading Dry Needling Toronto Centre?

Our Centre in Toronto has an unsurpassed ability to provide effective therapies of all sorts. Apart from delivering a positive dry needling Toronto service for the betterment of our clients, we also have osteopathy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and athletic therapy, giving you a holistic approach towards healing.

With our services in your local hood, there is no need to look for Toronto ON dry needling services anywhere else. You gained the following benefits by allowing us to perform the dry needling procedure.

  • The best dry needling therapists in Toronto carrying out your dry needling treatment.
  • We help clients belonging to different age groups and belonging to different walks of life.
  • We use a science-based approach to make sure you get the best outcome from dry needling therapy.
  • Our therapists will accelerate your body's natural healing process helping your body to work more effectively.
  • You receive productive therapy in an affordable package.
  • We always address the root cause of your pain and try to eradicate it, ensuring a long-lasting recovery.

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Dry Needling Toronto
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Dry Needling Toronto
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Dry Needling Toronto

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