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Ceramic Braces Brackets Hailey ID

Ceramic Braces Brackets Hailey ID

If you need braces, ceramic braces brackets in Hailey, ID could be the perfect option for your new smile. Clear ceramic braces are as discreet as Invisalign and often meet the needs of patients better than clear Invisalign. Check out our Invisalign doctor site at Braces R Us to read about treatment with Invisalign and ceramic braces, then get in touch with our orthodontist to request an appointment. Whatever your smile goals, we will find a solution that transforms your smile and keeps you under your budget. Call our Hailey office at 208-788-0126 to get started.

7 Undeniable Benefits Of Ceramic Braces

1. Clear ceramic braces are an excellent alternative for patients who aren't eligible for Invisalign but want to straighten their smile without the look of metal braces. Ceramic brackets function in much the same way as traditional metal braces but offer a cleaner look.

2. Ceramic braces are durable, made from a ceramic composite that is stronger than regular ceramic. At Braces R Us, we can provide more information about how ceramic braces work so you'll have a greater sense of peace when choosing ceramic orthodontics.

3. For a virtually invisible experience, your arch wire can be colored to match your teeth so that when you smile, that's all others will notice- not your braces. While some patients find a single metal wire to be obstructive to their smile, others prefer that from a distance, friends and new acquaintances are unaware that they're having their teeth straightened. The best Invisalign dental clinics offer undetectable ceramic braces as another option.

4. Our Invisalign dentists at Braces R Us highly recommend ceramic braces to patients because the ceramic will not demineralize tooth enamel in the same way as metal brackets. Ceramic braces brackets in Hailey, ID protect tooth enamel throughout the duration of orthodontic treatment.

5. Top-rated orthodontist clinics recommend ceramic braces rather than metal orthodontics because they're easier to remove when treatment is complete. The removal of conventional metal brackets is often painful for the patient and can damage tooth enamel when removed.

6. For some patients, ceramic braces work faster than Invisalign. The removable aspect of Invisalign often temps patients to take more frequent breaks from wearing their braces, resulting in a longer time frame for teeth to move into place. Ceramic braces remain on your teeth 24/7, always working toward your smile goals.

7. Ceramic brackets are smaller and more rounded than metal brackets, improving the patient's comfort level. Patients with ceramic braces consistently leave higher review ratings, listing comfort as one of the best features of their braces.

You can learn more about the benefits of ceramic braces brackets in Hailey, ID when you schedule a dentist appointment with our staff at Braces R Us. We want to take the time to answer your questions and explain how clear braces will transform your smile. If you're in a hurry to see results, ask our orthodontist about AcceleDent, a small device worn for just 20 minutes a day that will help you achieve results faster than with braces alone.

Ceramic Braces Brackets Hailey ID
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Ceramic Braces Brackets Hailey ID
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Ceramic Braces Brackets Hailey ID

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