Breathing Classes

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Breathing Classes

Breathing Classes

Learn Breathwork to clear out all of your "Stuff' and emotional well-being when you register for one of Jon Paul Crimi’s breathing classes; breathwork should be something that is safe, familiar, and beneficial. Too many breathwork instructors are looking to make a name for themselves by creating far-out courses that lead to unfavorable experiences. The good news is, you don’t need to leave your body or see things that aren’t there to feel good about the time you spend doing breathwork.

Learn to Breathe With Jon Paul

Many clients come to their very first breathwork class with apprehension about what they’ll experience. Going in, you should know that you’re always in control over your experience. If you feel ‘tingly’ or out-of-sorts during the breathwork, simply slow down your breathing or you can pause at any time; keep things in perspective- you’re just breathing.

You’ll begin in a comfortable position, lying on your back with no pillow; Jon Paul will guide you through your entire session through computer speakers or headphones. Expect to release a lot of built-up emotional stress, possibly some anger, resentment, and/or forgiveness issues you’ve been holding on to. Your experience will be unique each time you do breathwork. Let go of preconceptions you bring to the session and just ‘be' in the moment, allowing the breathwork to do its magic.

Getting the Most Out of Your Online Breathing Classes

You’ll be taking breathing lessons via Zoom or in-person depending on your location; If you want you can leave your camera turned on to allow Jon Paul to see you from the waist up in order to provide feedback on your breathing or you can have it off it's your choice. If you can manage an uninterrupted hour, you’ll benefit tremendously from your class. Breathwork changes lives; don’t be surprised to discover that a weight has been lifted soon after your breathing lesson. For some, the results are immediate.

How to Become a Breathing Instructor

Many of Jon Paul’s clients find breathwork to be absolutely life-changing and want to share their experience with others. If you’re so inclined, you can sign up for an upcoming Breathwork Training Class to take the next step in your journey. Jon Paul’s training classes are available online and in-person. If you’re unable to travel to Los Angeles for live training sessions, you can get certified for breathwork training from the comfort of your home. Just a few of the things you’ll learn during Breathwork Online Training include:

  • How to correct Paradoxical Breathing and other common breathing issues
  • Physical sensations that can happen and how to help your clients feel safe
  • How to prepare for a session
  • How to ground clients after a session
  • How to guide a couples session
  • How to prevent tetney (claw hands)

Feel free to review additional information about Jon Paul’s basic breathing workshop on his website. Take advantage of other free resources, as well, such as Words of Wisdom, What is Breathwork?, blog articles, and more. When you’re ready to sign up for your very first breathwork class with Jon Paul, choose from live online or in-person training, then secure your space in one of Jon Paul’s classes. For more information, contact by calling 310-625-6751.


Breathing Classes

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Breathing Classes Breathing Classes

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