Best Rehabs in Arizona

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Best Rehabs in Arizona

Best Rehabs in Arizona

Listed among the best rehabs in Arizona, Wolf Creek Recovery focuses on helping recovering addicts identify and tackle their behavioral and mental health disorders. We use a combination of holistic therapy, family therapy, and evidence-based modalities to help our clients get sober and attain improved psychological wellness.

Our addiction treatment process

We follow a four-module recovery process encompassing medical detox, phase 1, phase 2, and extended care. Our medical detox treatment your body of toxins, corrects the chemical imbalances in the brain, and prepares you physically and mentally for long term sobriety.

In phase 1, we develop an individualized clinical treatment plan to address and treat your addiction's underlying triggers. We have designed phase 2 to equip you with critical coping skills to lead a sober life after rehab treatment. The 90-days-and-beyond extended care is an ongoing support program that harnesses your sobriety and strengthens your commitment to a sober life, responsible, and self-sufficient lifestyle.

Benefits of holistic therapy in addiction treatment

Holistic addiction therapies refer to non-medicinal recovery methods that complement traditional treatment practices. It aligns the mind, body, and spirit and promotes overall well-being. As a pioneer treatment center, we use holistic therapies like exercise, meditation, and nutrition to help our recovering addicts beat addiction. Some of the core benefits of holistic therapy include:

  1. It is easy to personalize the therapies according to each patient's needs and preferences.
  2. These are non-medical methods of addiction recovery, which prevent unwanted side effects or health complications.
  3. It is highly effective in treating physical and mental addiction symptoms and emotional and nutritional imbalances.
  4. Holistic therapies help recovering addicts overcome lack of sleep, poor diet, and emotional stress.
  5. Holistic therapy plans increase self-confidence, promote physical fitness, and strengthen resistance to cravings.

Our recovery program is one of the few proven techniques to identify and treat the underlying causes of addiction, reducing your risk for relapse significantly.

Types of holistic therapies we offer

Holistic therapies refer to the non-medicinal recovery techniques that complement traditional addiction treatment. It focuses on the recovering addict's overall well-being and alleviates the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. As some of the best rehabs in Arizona, here are some of the holistic therapies we offer:

  1. Yoga - We engage our clients in regular yoga sessions to increase their relaxation, calmness, and mindfulness. Yoga also improves focus, muscle strength, tone, and flexibility.
  2. Guided meditation - Meditation synchronizes the mind and body and improves mental well-being. It also promotes higher quality of life, increasing awareness and connection.
  3. Fitness and nutrition - Physical exercise boosts dopamine production in the brain and improves mood. It can also prevent feelings of boredom and keep you busy and engaged.

Besides, we engage our patients in art and music therapy and recreational activities like golf, softball, disc golf, basketball, pickleball, etc. Our holistic therapy programs enable patients to have a more pleasant and rewarding healing experience.

Verify your insurance with Wolf Creek Recovery by reaching us at (928) 227-8887. Listed among the best rehabs in Arizona, we offer most insurance plans and offer substance abuse treatment at budget-friendly prices. Our well-planned four-module recovery programs can set you up for lasting success with sobriety. Call us today.

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Best Rehabs in Arizona

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