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Alcohol Interventionist

Alcohol Interventionist

Alcohol seems to have found a way to create its subclass in the drugs category as it is socially acceptable and legal and has little effect when used in moderation. Alcoholic beverages are present in nearly every grocery store, restaurant, and home in the nation. It can be emotionally taxing to stage an intervention to help a loved one overcome addiction, as they may not always take it in stride. These facts motivate us to curate the best drug and alcohol intervention programs available to ensure you or your loved one can fully recover and live more fulfilling lives.

Our Intervention Programs

Through research and feedback from previous clients, we have developed intervention services that prove effective and guarantee that your loved one gets the help they need.

We have had several inquiries from family members on how to stage an alcohol or drug abuse intervention. They found it difficult to see the interventions through because they were worried that their loved ones may be their families' breadwinners or that it may impact the relationships they had fostered, to mention a few. Some of these remarks may resonate with you, and the concerns are valid. That is why we sought out highly-trained and qualified, in-house addiction intervention specialists to guide you through the process from planning until after the intervention. They have extensive expertise in communicating with addicts and know how to persuade them and prevent relapse. Their training specifically deals with how to diffuse the situation if it becomes a bit tense and enables you to be more prepared to deal with different reactions from your love during the intervention.

Our program mainly offers five steps in the intervention process. Determine the best people to have on an intervention. These are people your loved one is comfortable baring their heart to and taking from advice. Once you choose the people to implement the intervention, discuss with the team and agree on a plan for the intervention. Take notes on how to structure the intervention to ensure everyone focuses on the issue. Ensure that you also find time to rehearse the intervention with the specialist to smooth out any speeches that may have an accusatory tone. Your mindset should be compassionate, and your words should convey your concerns. After you've learned how to do an intervention, decide on a location and time to hold the intervention. Ensure that you enforce the consequences if your loved one doesn't agree to seek help to help the addict remain in the recovery journey.

Remember, interventions are designed to help both the addict and their loved ones. Our primary goal is to assist the family in moving away from protecting the alcoholic's feelings and toward thinking about what the family requires. Whenever we try to protect someone else's feelings, we are just trying to protect our own.

Do you suspect a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction? A journey begins with the first step. Visit our facilities to get more information.

Please contact Addiction Interventions at 866-584-2525 or email to start your recovery journey.

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Alcohol Interventionist
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Alcohol Interventionist

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