Active Release Technique Irvine California

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Active Release Technique Irvine California

A New Way of Revitalizing Your Muscles through Active Release Technique in Irvine, California

Muscle pains, torn ligaments, and other muscular injuries tend to affect your overall sports performance. But when it comes to relieving muscle pains, not everyone responds to the common strategies chiropractics perform. In most cases, an injury leads to a long-term breather that often leaves an athlete askew when going back to sports.

Active Release Technique or ART is a good way of relieving muscle tension by triggering stress points and removing joint stress. It improves overall pain caused by injury and eliminating muscular pain in that specific area. ART is also a good strategy for promoting long-term recovery from sports injury because it relieves tight muscle and nerve joints.

Most often ART is performed with several other natural treatment processes to help an athlete recover quickly and easily. At Perform Health Wellness, we ensure to help you overcome sports-related injuries through a series of ART techniques and help you get back to the sports in no time.

Active Release Technique is a Comprehensive Treatment for Sports-Related Injuries

Muscle adhesion can be caused by a lot of things including dehydration, injury, and muscle overuse. This is one aspect of sports that is often unavoidable. Although several therapeutic techniques can be used to break up scar tissue density in your muscles, not everyone responds to medications and other forms of treatment.

ART is a natural process of manipulating muscle groups. It only targets specific areas and the surrounding structure affected by the injury. Because it focuses on the affected part, treatment is purely concentrated administering a rapid decrease in the discomfort caused by the injury. Continuous ART treatment also benefits an athlete because it increases flexibility and mobility of the affected area.

One notable aspect of ART is that it does not involve the use of prescription drugs to relieve pain. It allows your musculoskeletal system to heal itself without using an artificial substance to dull the pain from your neurotransmitters.

Although it remains to be considered as a good treatment, ART is merely considered a branch of chiropractic manipulation. It is a non-invasive procedure with a pain-free and acceptable outcome, even when undergoing just for a few sessions of the procedure.

 A Deep Therapeutic Treatment Focusing on Damaged or Injured Muscles and Soft Tissues

Unlike other relaxing massages you can find in a local spa, ART is an evidence-based approach focused on treating damaged or injured muscles and soft tissues.  It allows blood to circulate to the injured muscle so it can facilitate healing. Active Release Technique is also ideally used for repetitive injuries sustained during sports or even acute conditions where muscle inflammation has already settled in. It is a deep point release massage that triggers muscle relaxation and removes tension due to injury or trauma.

The primary factor that makes ART different from other massages is it targets release of muscle adhesion, something that every athlete understands to be a big problem. It addresses this important aspect of a sports-related injury, lessens the pain, and promotes circulation for healing.

Perform Health Wellness provides Active Release Technique in Irvine, California. To find out more, simply give us a call.

Active Release Technique Irvine California

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Active Release Technique Irvine California Active Release Technique Irvine California

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