Thai massage is a very holistic practice. With the hands of a skilled Thai massage practitioner, one can experience a sublimely rhythmical workout that balances the body’s need for movement and stretching. Utilizing pressing techniques, gentle rocking, and various yoga-like stretches, clients are able to relieve body stiffness, gain flexibility and help improve overall balance in major muscle groups. This massage interacts directly with the muscular, circulatory and nervous systems to enhance your body’s natural healing ability.

Thai massage is said to stimulate energy lines which help promote and balance energy throughout the body. Out of these energy lines Thai massage has selected 10 main lines (Sen lines) on which there are especially important acupressure points. Massaging these lines and points makes it possible to treat a whole range of diseases or relieve pain. The 10 main lines are sufficient to conduct practical treatment for the whole body and its internal organs.

“There are several approaches to Thai Massage. The intent of Table Thai massage is to help promote relaxation and the natural movement of energy throughout your body using a combination of traditional Thai massage, compression techniques, stretching and energy work along “Sen” energy lines.

Both 60 minute and 90 minute treatments are available:

  • The entire 60 minute session, you will be lying face up on a massage table.
  • The 90 minute session also includes work on the posterior side of the body.

Table Thai massage is an extremely relaxing full body sequence that helps to reset and refresh!

*Please wear loose fitting clothing. If you come without, we do have some Thai pants and tops that you can use.*”

-Erin Thompson


It improves general health and energy flow and helps the body to maintain homeostasis. The muscles in the feet get hardly any exercise, and circulation slows with many hours of standing, sitting or wearing uncomfortable shoes.

It helps in pain reduction of the body and aids recovery after an injury.

It prevents and heals many conditions such as headaches, stress, migraines, depression and anxiety, while also reducing pain.