Couples Massage

A Couples Massage combines Therapeutic Relief with different modalities and quality time together.

Therapeutic Body Concept’s Couples Massages focus on what you need – relaxation or deep tissue / therapeutic or a specific injury or need. As such a hot stone massage is a popular choice when booking couples massages. Mixing different modalities during a couples massage keeps the experience interesting for both people involved. Please let our administration staff know if you would like a specialized service within your couples session.

A Couples Massage can be a great escape for you and your loved one. Whether you share the same modality or different modalities, the experience will help you both to relax and relieve mutual or personal tension, and to enjoy some quality time with one another.

Remember, a Couples Massage doesn’t have to be limited to your loved one, but you could also consider it a girls-day or a place to bring your friends, father, mother, son or daughter. During this time you can both experience your treatments side by side or in separate rooms.

If your seeking for more than just relaxation therapy, you may want to consider booking an appointment for treatment which can target your needs accordingly. Therapeutic Body Concepts provides a variety of services to ensure that we are the one-stop-shop to serve you better and your needs are fulfilled. Once that treatment is completed your therapist already knows what the treatment plan is and can continue without any interruption. This makes the experience seamless for yourself and the other person in the room.

So, you’re looking to book your next Couples Massage. You’ve come to the right place. Are you looking for an atmosphere that allows you to feel as though you have entered a relaxing, Zen space of positive energy and healing? If you answered yes, book your next appointment with Therapeutic Body Concepts and we will ensure that we provide the best experience possible for the both of you!