Children’s Massage

Children’s Massage is not commonly used by parents but can provide a variety of different health benefits. Children respond very positively to any form of massage. It is probably the sense of touch and the bonding it brings that has such a therapeutic effect on the child being massaged.  A therapeutic touch stimulates the body in positive ways to help it grow and develop. Massage itself is beneficial at any age but because children are continuously developing, it can be especially helpful for them.

children's massage

Studies have shown that Pre-Term Massage Therapy has led to weight gain in infants when moderate pressure was provided. There are many different ways of delivering the massage including using mothers as therapists as being effective and the use of oils.

Not only is it effective for weight gain and developing infants but massage also helps to develop motor (movement) skills as they grow. Massage helps to ease tensions and pain in developing muscles in order to help your children’s motor skills grow.

Sessions for massage therapy with children should not last for more than a 30 minutes as children’s attention spans are short, and they may find longer sessions irksome. In some instances the child falls asleep while they’re being massaged. This is a positive sign and points to the positive effects of the therapy.

Once the massage has been completed it is extremely important to rehydrate after a massage. Massages are dehydrating for everyone and it’s important that your children stay hydrated after their massage.

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