Advanced Myofascial Release

Say Goodbye to Tension with Advanced Myofascial Release Therapy


When you imagine the connective tissue in your body, you can imagine it as a type of 3D web. Now, imagine that web becomes tangled, damaged, or hardened in some places. The entire system can be impacted by small issues in this tissue. Your whole body might be impacted.

These issues are exactly what advanced myofascial release is designed to relieve. By repairing and stimulating healing in the fascia, this therapy can improve your mobility and relax tension caused by damages in the soft tissue.


Healthy vs. Unhealthy Fascia

Fascia is a framework in the body that connects and protects your organs, muscles, and other body parts. It runs in “sheets” throughout your body.

Healthy fascia is mobile, elastic, and strong. It moves easily and effortlessly. This allows our bodies to move freely. Meanwhile, unhealthy fascia quickly loses motion and elasticity. If your fascia is damaged, you’ll likely feel stiffness, pain in the skin and muscles, joint issues, and possibly even nerve pain.

When fascia is healthy, the body’s fluids can move unconstricted. This includes blood and lymphatic fluid. When these fluids are able to flow freely, it prevents issues in other parts of the body, including the immune system.


How Does Fascia Become Damaged?

From a holistic perspective, damaged fascia can be devastating for the body. In many cases, the fascia will repair itself after a trauma or injury, but when healing doesn’t begin, many other issues can occur in the fascia itself or throughout the rest of the body. 

Fascia can be damaged in many ways. Some common issues include: 

  • Injuries
  • Overuse of muscles
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Poor diet, sleep, and hydration

Injuries can be particularly damaging because fascia damage in one part of the body will lead the system to compensate, changing the entire structure of the fascia in the body and potentially leading to damage in other parts of the fascia.


What Does an Advanced Myofascial Release Treatment Look Like?

Advanced myofascial release treatments aim to promote healing at the deepest possible level. An experienced practitioner can assess the fascia through a combination of a pre-treatment interview and a manual testing process. After he or she has determined where any trigger points for pain or tensions are and has a baseline for the condition of the fascia, the treatment will begin. Fascia is gently manipulated, with strict attention on areas where there are blockages, buildups, or damages. 


How To Benefit from Advanced MFR


Get an Assessment

The connective tissue in the human body often acts as a storage point for trauma, pain, and emotional trauma. However, it’s often difficult to tell why or where we’re feeling pain when it’s trapped in our fascia. A skilled therapist can help you determine whether you can benefit from advanced fascial release.

If you suffer from recurring injuries, postural imbalances, joint issues, or have had a recent or previous trauma, advanced myofascial release can help you begin to heal. 


Create a Treatment Plan 

Advanced Myofascial Release treatments go a long way toward helping the body function at its absolute best. However, your treatment plan may need to include other modalities in addition to Advanced MFR to properly treat and prevent conditions and illnesses. Be sure to ask your therapist for a full treatment plan after an initial assessment. 

Some conditions or injuries may require a different treatment route. Be sure to check with your family doctor or health care professional before booking your advanced myofascial release treatment. 


See a Registered Massage Therapist or Osteopath in Edmonton

Whenever you’re looking for advanced myofascial release, be sure to seek out a highly-trained and experienced professional. This type of release requires a unique understanding of the human body’s systems.

At Therapeutic Body Concepts, our full-time registered massage therapists and osteopaths are trained in various modalities to help our clients achieve full-body wellness, including advanced myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, and visceral manipulation massage. Visit one of our two Edmonton massage clinics and receive a personalized treatment plan. 

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