Roll into 2020 with these Top Rated Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are a great way to help ease pain and tension after a workout, or to incorporate into your everyday self-care routine. They can also be used as a convenient piece of exercise equipment when doing pilates, yoga, or strength training workouts. They are regularly used by professionals to help get the kinks and knots out of the body.

There are several types of foam rollers. They can vary in density from soft to extra firm. They can also vary in shape, size, and texture. Each type has a purpose, and some can be used in several ways. Deciding which one you need is easy once you can identify what you will use it for.

Whether you are just starting out and learning what foam rolling is all about, or if you are already experienced, we’ve done the research for you! Here are our top-rated rollers in every category for 2020.

Depending on your individual needs and preference on the type of roller, the following Top Picks will help you make a quick decision on which one to buy. 

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Low density (soft)

Low-density rollers, also called soft rollers, are the best choice for beginners. These are usually made out of a lighter foam than some of the heavier versions. The low-density rollers cause less pain than firm or deep-tissue rollers, but they also do not work as deeply into your tissues.

Soft rollers are used after workouts to prevent stiffness and pain. They are great to use a day or two after an intense workout to ease up any discomfort. If you are using soft rollers on a regular basis and you are still sore or they do not seem to be working you may need to go up in intensity. 

Low-density soft foam rollers can also be great exercise tools. You can use them to help with your yoga or pilates routine. They are routinely used in core strengthening, stretching and are used to help get your spine moving as well. 

*See our article “Do Foam Rollers Really Work?” for some great videos on using foam rollers!*

There are so many uses that it makes no sense to not have one! 

We know there are a ton of options out there, but here is our top choice for a great low-density soft foam roller.


Dr. Health Soft Dot Roller

The Dr. Health Soft Dot Foam Roller is an excellent choice when you are trying to find a low-density foam roller to get out minor kinks and stiffness. It is six inches wide and comes in three lengths. You can choose between twelve inches, twenty-four inches, and thirty-six inches. 

This foam roller is well-made with high-quality materials. You can use it after any workout to help to release and relax tightened muscles and release trigger points in the body. It is also recommended for use during yoga and pilates workouts to help work your core muscles and give you a good sense of balance. 

No matter what you need it for, this low-density soft foam roller is a great choice. It offers just the right amount of softness while still being just firm enough to be effective. Whether you are new to foam rollers or you just need a great quality option, you will love the Dr. Health Soft Dot Foam Roller.

Standard Density (medium)

Standard density foam rollers are also referred to as medium density rollers. They are the next step in density and are slightly firmer than the average soft foam roller. These are great for use as a piece of exercise equipment and as tools for self-massaging. 

Soft foam rollers are awesome, but when used regularly for exercises that put weight on them they can begin to break down and become permanently misshapen. A standard density foam roller will hold its shape for longer and therefore last longer.  

The medium foam roller also has the added benefit of being able to add more pressure than the softer models when being used for massage. The firmness can work out some of your more stubborn kinks and knots. 


Galaxy AXIS Foam Roller

The Galaxy AXIS Foam Roller is a standard density highly rated roller that measures thirty-six inches by six inches. It is made from closed-cell EPP foam which allows it to keep its shape and last you a long time.

Foam rollers are known to help you stretch out the muscles and increase blood flow while restoring your range of motion after intense exercise. This model is known for its high quality and it does not fail to deliver. It is heat molded for durability and longevity, and you can get it in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

If you are ready to move up in firmness the Galaxy AXIS is an excellent next-step. It is also perfect for the professional who wants something well-made and easily used after their workouts. There is no shortage of options with this foam roller.

To learn more about the Galaxy AXIS Foam Roller and order yours, you can visit Galaxy AXIS Foam Roller


High density (firm):

High-Density foam rollers, or firm rollers, are great for athletes and people who work their bodies extra hard. They are harder than both soft and standard density foam rollers. They are often used by professionals who have ongoing muscle soreness. 

Firm foam is also excellent for breaking up adhesions and giving a boost to the lymphatic drainage system. It has almost no give at all, which helps it to keep its shape and provide maximum pressure to the areas you need it most.

Most of the time high-density foam rollers are black or another very dark color. They can often be painful to use, but if it is painful enough that you are cringing and having trouble continuing you should stop. The pain is from the working out of the muscles, but it should not feel damaging.


LuxFit Premium High-Density Foam Roller

The LuxFit Premium High-Density Foam Roller is an extra-firm foam roller that comes in a variety of sizes for your convenience. It is highly-rated, made in the USA, and comes with a full one-year limited warranty! 

This extra-firm foam roller is liquid-resistant and awesome at repelling sweat and spills. You can use it post-workout, or during a workout, without needing to worry about your sweat damaging its integrity. It is made of a molded polypropylene foam that resists wear and tear and has a two-pound per square foot density. 

If your body needs a more heavy-duty overhaul than the softer models can provide but you prefer your foam roller to have a smooth surface instead of something textured then this is the right high-density foam roller for you! 

Check out the LuxFit Premium High Density Foam Roller today.



Short foam rollers are a great option when you need something portable, or when you need to get to a very targeted area on your body. You can use them for small or large muscle groups. These are great for someone who travels a lot or goes to the gym on a regular basis.

Some short foam rollers come with handles. The models with handles are easier to use for massaging purposes. The models without handles are better for floor exercises and body movements using foam rollers. 

You can find short foam rollers in any density you need. They come in soft, medium, and firm varieties. You can also find a short roller in almost any texture you like. They are a great universal roller for the person on the go.


AmazonBasics 12” High-Density Round Foam Roller

The AmazonBasics 12” High-Density Round Foam Roller is a sturdy and lightweight option for those who are on the go or those who don’t have much space for equipment. The high density molded expanded polypropylene foam maintains shape and firmness and is made to last. 

This foam roller measures twelve inches by six inches and is easy to clean and transport. It has a smooth surface and is one of the firmest foam rollers you can get. It can be used for pilates and yoga, massaging sore muscles, and more.

The AmazonBasics 12” High-Density Round Foam Roller is highly-rated for its durability and ease of use. It is built for all body types and skill levels. If you are in the market for an all-purpose firm foam roller that you can take anywhere, look no further!

The AmazonBasics 12″ High-Density Round Foam Roller is a great choice! 


Half Round

The half round foam roller looks like a regular round roller cut in half lengthwise. It is made of the same material, and the quality of construction is usually just as good, but it can be used for different purposes. Sometimes it is used similarly to the round foam roller by beginners while they work on their stability. 

Half round foam rollers can be used for stretching the legs and feet. There are many different ways to use it that way, and in most cases, it will provide a solid base that is not as wobbly as the round foam roller would be. It can also be used to stretch your back.

Exercise is another common reason to use a half foam roller. You can put the round part down and use the flat part as a platform on which to stand. This is a great core and balance exercise. Half round foam rollers are often soft in firmness because they are often used by beginners, but you can get them in almost any density you would like.


OPTP PRO-ROLLER Soft Half Foam Roller

The OPTP Pro-Roller Soft Half Foam Roller is a great option when looking for a soft-density half foam roller to complement your exercise or recovery routine. It is made with heat molded cross-linked, closed-cell EVA foam for maximum durability and performance. 

This half foam roller requires very little maintenance. It is easily cleaned with a disinfectant wipe and is built to hold its form. It is strong enough to use for balancing exercises and stability. It is soft enough to not be as painful as its firmer counterparts.

The OPTP Pro-Roller Soft Half Foam Roller is a great addition to any professional foam roller collection. It is great for people of all ages and abilities. It can be used for recovery or working out, and the firmness level is perfect.

Find the OPTP PRO-ROLLER Soft Half Foam Roller here! 



A bumpy, knobby foam roller works like a deep tissue massage. It gets to the meat of the muscle and works out adhesions, deep knots, and kinks. They are often credited with working faster than smoother options, and they also get to the deeper muscle pain that the smooth ones can’t touch. 

There are some experts who agree that these rollers are the best option for pain and are a more affordable option when compared to professional deep tissue massage. However, they are also in agreement that if your body is already in a lot of pain you may need to use a smoother roller first to prevent further inflammation.

There are many bumpy and knobby foam rollers on the market and they all vary in price and durability. We have found that the Reehut two in one High-Density Muscle Roller is both effective and a great value!


Reehut Two-in-One High-Density Muscle Roller

The Reehut Two-in-One High-Density Muscle Roller is a well-made lightweight and portable bumpy textured foam roller that has an inner smooth foam roller core. This allows you to start with the smoother part to work out the surface level kinks, and then insert it back into the firmer, bumpy outer foam roller to get deeper into the tissues.

Made of one hundred percent EVA materials, this foam roller is strong and durable. It will not lose its shape or diminish in integrity with repeated use. It also comes with an eighteen-page e-book explaining how and why this is the best textured foam roller you can buy! 

The Reehut Two-in-One High-Density Muscle Roller comes with a free carrying case to make it easy to bring with you when you go to the gym or travel. You can look forward to a nice long deep-tissue massage every day after work from the comfort of your own home! 

Find more information on the REEHUT Foam Roller here!


Fascial Grid

Fascia is a complicated network of connective tissues in your body. They can tighten and release based on your body’s current needs. So what is a fascial grid roller? It is a foam roller that works deep tissues, much like a bumpy foam roller, but instead of only working knots out of muscles, they specifically work on the fascia muscle tissues. 

Fascial Grid rollers are unlike other foam rollers in several ways. First of all, they are made of multi-density foam. They work the muscles in a gentler way while still getting to those deeper tissues that need the knots worked out.

Fascial Grid rollers are used similarly to other foam rollers in the types of movements and exercises you would do. They can be worked up and down the muscles while your body weight controls the pressure, or you can use your arms and hands to move them like a massage tool.


TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

The TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller has a patented design made up of multi-density foam and specific grid structure that allows for superior control of pressure and movement. It has been used by professionals such as physical therapists, massage therapists, athletic trainers, and more.

The durable EVA foam and hollow core work together to make this foam roller last and maintain its shape and integrity over repeated use. You can reposition the grid in order to get the most customized experience. It is the most versatile foam roller type. 

It has the comfort and smoothness of a smooth and soft foam roller while having the ability to get deep down into the fascia system like the bumpy foam rollers. Overall, the TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller is one of the best on the market today.

Find the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller here!



Foam rollers are known to help break up tense muscle knots and kinks. Vibration is also known to help relax muscles and help to release muscle tension by having a sedative effect. Now you can have both with vibrating foam muscle rollers! 

Athletes and gym-goers have been swearing by the vibrating foam rollers lately, and you could understand why. Have you ever sat in a vibrating massage chair? It feels good, right? Now the same concept is applied to smaller muscle groups with the help of the foam rollers. 

The vibration components are inside of the foam rollers. They often have multiple settings and strengths. If a traditional foam roller is not working as well as you would like it to, or if you feel you need a little extra oomph, try a vibrating foam roller instead! 


Hyperice Vyper

The Hyperice Vyper is one of the leading vibrating foam rollers on the market. It is made from a durable and eco-friendly polypropylene material while the multi-density foam is split into both smooth zones and textured zones. 

The inner workings of this vibrating foam roller are unique and can work wonders on your body. There are three vibration frequency levels that give you three distinct speeds and strengths in vibration. It is built specifically to not weaken or stop working when body weight and pressure is applied. 

The Hyperice Vyper is TSA approved and comes with a carrying case. The one year warranty will give you peace of mind so you know that it is worth the cost. It is proven to work better than traditional foam rollers, and the batteries are rechargeable. 

Find more information at


Stick Roller

Stick rollers are a great option for people who may not have the ability or mobility to get down on the floor to use traditional foam rollers. They have a handle to either side while the middle is a foam roller that rotates around a stick.

Stick rollers are great for your legs and back. Use it yourself, or ask someone else to use it on you. They are generally textured and can work out deep kinks and knots while giving you a lot of freedom to choose how much pressure to use at any given time.

Stick rollers come in many foam densities and materials. They are often referred to as massage sticks, as that is how they are most often used. They can provide relief to an achy back or tight legs at any time. 


Physix Gear Sport Muscle Roller Stick

The Physix Gear Sport Muscle Roller Stick is a portable and unique muscle roller stick made to be user-friendly and durable. It is squeak-free and lightweight while being made with the most durable materials.

The inside of the Physix Gear Sport Muscle Roller Stick is made of steel. The seven individual spindles hold strong yet comfortable thermoplastic rollers. You can feel confident that this roller stick will last and help you stay pain-free for a long time. 

This roller stick has been engineered to make it easy to use by yourself, or with the help of someone else. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use after a workout or before bed. Work out the kinks so you can rest comfortably.

You can find it at Physix Gear Sport Muscle Roller Stick



Using foam rollers started out as a secret technique used by professionals. Now it has spread, and people all over the world are using foam rollers to ease their pain. They are being used after accidents and injuries. They are being used after workouts and as exercise equipment to aid in workouts. They can come in a variety of density levels. 

Low density foam rollers are the best for beginners and for when you are super sore. If your body is already experiencing inflammation and severe pain you would not want to further cause yourself pain with a firm roller, but a soft one can help ease some of the tension.

Standard density foam rollers are a nice middle-of-the-road option. They are firmer than the soft foam rollers, so they may be a little more painful, but they also provide deeper relief. They are not quite as firm as the high-density foam rollers, but they can provide relief while causing less pain.

High-density foam rollers are tough and can be painful, but they work like a nice and strong deep-tissue massage. These are great for long-term recovery. They are often used for adhesions and tight knots that can’t be worked out with softer models.

There are also different textures, along with vibrating models. They all have the same goal. Foam rollers are made to help ease pain and provide a greater range of motion to people who would otherwise be stiff and uncomfortable. Now that you have seen the different types of foam rollers, and now that you know what they can be used for, you can decide which one is right for you! 

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