Removing Toxins in the Body with Jade Stone Massages

What is a Jade Stone Massage and How Does it Work? 

For centuries, cultures around the world have used jade stones in combination with massage therapy to promote relaxation and better health. The Mayans, Egyptians, and Chinese cultures are all known for offering jade stone massages to people suffering from a variety of major and minor health issues.

In North America, people tend to seek out this unique type of massage when they feel unbalanced in some way. This may include lack of sleep or insomnia, trouble regulating the body’s temperature, or a compromised immune system. Many people also seek out jade stone treatments for various types of pain, as well as the mental and spiritual benefits often associated with jade.


The Healing Properties of Jade

Jade stone is made up of iron, calcium, and magnesium. You’ve likely seen jade stone massage rollers for sale in your local home and body care shop. The choice of jade is not just for aesthetics; it’s actually known to have many healing properties and benefits. 

Among these properties and benefits are:

  • Increase of circulation
  • Releasing toxins and inflammation
  • Balancing the body 
  • Reducing inflammation and hypertension
  • Restoring the body’s immune functions


What to Expect from a Jade Stone Massage

Jade stone massages are similar to hot stone massages. They’re deeply relaxing and come with a variety of health benefits, including removal of toxins, relaxation of the nervous system, and better balance throughout the body. Like most therapeutic massages, jade stone massages offer a range of benefits and have the most impact when they’re experienced regularly.


Heated and Cooled Jade Stones

During the treatment, massage therapists use heated and cooled jade stones on your skin in combination with different strokes and techniques. The unique properties of jade allow the stone to hold heat and cold evenly. The heated stones can promote vascular constriction and flushing, allowing the therapist to work deeper into the muscle groups, while cold stones in specific areas can provide release in areas of acute tension or pain. 

Alternating temperatures can also be used in conjunction to work on a specific treatment area for better results. One technique therapists often use during these treatments is known as trigger point therapy, which can help release tension in a specific area that’s causing pain in a much larger section of the body. 

Your massage therapist will use a variety of stones during your treatment, often moving them around as they work. The stones themselves are very carefully crafted by artisans, with different shapes of stones being used for different therapeutic techniques. Each stone is carefully cut, shaped, and polished for specific uses, and will feel smooth and silky against your skin.


What to Expect After Your Massage

After your massage, you’re likely to feel deeply at ease. Jade stone massage aims for both therapeutic relaxation and deep healing in a single treatment.

Although jade has traditionally been used in other cultures, it’s a very popular form of therapeutic massage in North America today. You can even book a relaxing jade stone massage in Edmonton at massage therapy clinics.

Therapeutic Body Concepts is happy to offer jade stone massages, as well as various other massage techniques, including deep tissue massages and massages for motor vehicle accidents. If you have questions about our stones, our therapists, or any type of massage therapy or modality, please reach out to our experienced team! We are open seven days a week, and we’re always happy to answer your questions.

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