No-Show and Cancellation Policy

It is our policy to send out reminder emails 48 hours before your scheduled appointments. If we do not have an email for you, we will call you the day before your appointment to remind you. You may opt into text reminders through our Online Booking System (Schedulicity). All text reminders are sent out 24 hours before your appointment. In order to ensure the utmost efficiency of our time and schedules, we have implemented a No-Show and Cancellation Fee.

  • When you book an appointment, that time is set aside just for you. Missed appointments prevent us from accommodating other clients in need of treatment. Please understand that all of our Practitioners are contractors and only get paid when they provide a service.
  • If an emergency situation arises, please let us know so that we can treat your specific situation with personal attention. We recognize that there are circumstances that are out of your control (sudden illness, family emergencies, etc.) and life happens! Your Therapist may make an exception to the above policies in these rare occasions.
  • Missed appointment fees are not to be direct billed, or submitted to benefit plans.

Please note that all cancellations or changes must be done within a minimum of 24 operating hours of your scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in a payment of 50% of that service. Payment will be the responsibility of the client directly and not of the auto insurance or extended health benefits. Upon booking an appointment with us, you agree to abide by this policy and understand that your credit card or Visa Debit will be charged. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you!

Massage Therapy Services

All Pricing is PER PERSON

General Massage Therapy Rates are
inclusive of the following modalities:
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Couples Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • John F. Barnes Myofascial Release
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Sports Massage
  • Pre and Post Natal
  • Dynamic Myofascial Cupping
  • Reflexology
  • 30 Minute Massage - $60.00
  • 45 Minute Massage - $80.00
  • 60 Minute Massage - $95.00
  • 75 Minute Massage - $120.00
  • 90 Minute Massage - $140.00
  • 120 Minute Massage - $190.00

Acupuncture Services

*Please Call to book Fire Cupping Treatments*

Acupuncture treatments are based on whether you’re a new or returning client. Reflexology and Fire Cupping treatments are add-on services to an acupuncture treatment.
  • Assessment and Initial Treatment - $135.00
  • Returning Patient Treatment - $100.00
  • Ear (Auricular) Reflexology - $30.00
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Fire Cupping - $30.00 *Please Call*

Manual Osteopathy Services

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that promotes health and healing throughout the body. Focusing on the joints, muscles, and spine, Osteopathy works to relieve pain, tension, and stress.
  • Initial Manual Osteopathy Assessment & Treatment - $150.00
  • 60 Minute Returning Manual Osteopathy Treatment - $120.00
  • 45 Minute Returning Manual Osteopathy Treatment - $120.00
  • 60 Minute Craniosacral Therapy - $105.00
  • 60 Minute Visceral Manipulation Massage - $105.00
  • 60 Minute Advanced Myofascial Release Treatment - $105.00
  • 90 Minute Advanced Myofascial Release Treatment - $150.00
  • 120 Minute Advanced Myofascial Release Treatment - $210.00

Motor Vehicle Accident Massage

Have you been in a motor vehicle accident? We can help!

We bill directly to your Motor Vehicle Insurance Company.
Note: You must call to provide us your adjusters contact information to confirm coverage prior to treatment.
  • Massage - 60 Minute - $105.00
  • Massage - 75 Minute - $130.00
  • Massage - 90 Minute - $150.00

Hot and Jade Stone Massages

Jade and Hot stone massage are a natural therapy in which warmed or cooled stones are positioned on parts of the client’s body to maximize the therapeutic benefit.
  • 60 Minute - $120.00
  • 75 Minute - $140.00
  • 90 Minute - $160.00

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset Technique

Many clients choose RAPID because of the rapid response to treatment. This helps active individuals return to their regular activities quickly.
  • 30 Minute Treatment - $75.00
  • 45 Minute Treatment - $95.00
  • 60 Minute Treatment - $110.00

Student Massage

Insurance Billing Not Available for Student Massages

Although Student Massage Therapy treatments are not covered by Insurance, they are cost effective solutions for clients who would like the therapeutic results at a lower cost. Hot Stone and PreNatal Massage are both available from Student Massage Therapists.
  • 30 Minute Student Massage - $35.00
  • 45 Minute Student Massage - $47.00
  • 60 Minute Student Massage - $55.00
  • 90 Minute Student Massage - $81.00
  • 60 Minute Student Prenatal Massage - $55.00
  • 60 Minute Student Hot Stone Massage - $70.00
  • 90 Minute Student Hot Stone Massage - $93.00

Thai Massage and Thai Reflexology

Thai massage is a very holistic practice. This massage interacts directly with the muscular, circulatory and nervous systems to enhance your body’s natural healing ability. Thai reflexology is the application of pressure upon specific pressure points of the feet that correspond to different body organs and systems.
  • Reflexology Session - 30 Minute - $60.00
  • Reflexology Session - 60 Minute - $95.00
  • Thai Massage - 75 Minute - $130.00
  • Thai Massage - 90 Minute - $150.00
  • Thai Massage - 120 Minute - $195.00

Tuina Massage

Tuina translates to “push and grasp.” This massage technique is a form of acupressure and works on the energy channels and points of the body.
  • 15 Minute - $30.00


Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that uses life force energy to return a person to balanced functioning on every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • 60 Minute Reiki Massage Treatment - $95.00