How Expectant Mothers Benefit From Pregnancy Massage

Swollen joints and sore muscles are commonplace during pregnancies, but that does not make them any less painful. Besides quick massages from your partner, you should also schedule a prenatal massage. This is a type of full-body treatment performed by a certified therapist, similar to a Swedish massage.

A prenatal massage has some modifications in body positioning to ensure both the baby’s and the mother’s comfort and safety. If your obstetrician has given you the all-clear, here are the benefits you can expect from a prenatal massage.

Natural Pain Relief

Prenatal massages provide natural, safe, and drug-free pain relief. Pregnant women cannot take many types of medications or over-the-counter drugs, so it can be challenging for them to deal with tense muscles or joints. Prenatal massages increase the blood flow to tissues, alleviating many of these aches and pains.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Besides dealing with general pain, pregnancy massages improve sciatic nerve pain and tight muscles in the lower back. Women strain this part of their body the most while pregnant, and prenatal massages provide relief.

Reduced Swelling

Women often experience swelling in their feet, hands, and legs during pregnancy. This is normal, and it is often because of reduced blood circulation and increased pressure on major blood vessels. A prenatal massage stimulates the body’s soft tissues and moves excess fluids around, reducing the swelling.

Improved Sleep

As the pregnancy progresses, many women find it challenging to get a good night’s sleep. A prenatal massage relaxes the nerves, which enables the release of calming, feel-good hormones. After a massage, pregnant women report having an easier time falling asleep.

What About Postnatal Or Postpartum Massages?

Women who will give birth through normal delivery can get a massage as soon as their condition permits it. For some, this could be within a few days after giving birth. For others, in instances of cesarean sections, it might take a few months. Postnatal massages help women ease the muscles they used during labour. These give the body the chance to recuperate from the stresses of delivery.

Whether you had a smooth delivery or a challenging one, your body will still have to undergo some realignments after giving birth. Postpartum massages coax the pelvis into its original position and help restore muscle tone in the abdomen.

These also relieve the tension of the birthing process and hastens the woman’s recovery. A postpartum massage allows the body to clear excess fluids, promotes the return of the woman’s digestive functions, and aids in returning the uterus to its pre-childbearing size.

A postpartum massage also reduces fatigue by increasing the body’s energy levels and decreasing muscle tension. A massage therapist can also check for diastasis recti and address scar healing after a c-section. These types of massages also relieve neck and shoulder tension from breastfeeding.


Childbirth is a profound but painful experience. Women who give birth have plenty of self-care to do so their bodies get back to normal; pre and postnatal massages ensure that the road to recovery won’t be so difficult for them. When choosing a massage therapy provider, go for one who understands expectant mothers’ physiology and delivers the specialized care they need.

Let Therapeutic Body Concepts put you at ease and aid a smooth transition for your childbirth. We provide prenatal massages in Edmonton and St. Albert, helping women through this beautiful yet challenging time in their lives. Schedule your relaxing massage today!

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