With such enthusiasm, Valerie can proudly say she was grateful enough to have found a career which she was able to fall in love and be successful.

Her passion and desire grew more when she saw how rewarding it was to help those in need. The feedback and loyalty from her clientele helped her to focus on continuing to build trust and connection with her clients. She’s always had a heart to give help where it’s needed!

As she started her career working with multiple modalities of therapy and becoming more involved within the fitness community, she learned how much more important taking care of your body is.

Valerie began her massage career at MH Vicars in January 2018 and successfully completed the diploma program in June 2019. Within the 2200-hour massage program, she studied MLD, and how to treat various types of conditions; i.e. carpal tunnel, spine curvatures, frozen shoulder, etc. She is also now certified in Hot Stone Massage and Myofascial Cupping.

She is looking forward to continuing to grow her practice by completing other beneficial courses. Her primary focus is deep tissue/trigger point therapy and nerve entrapment.

Having built her career within the health industry profession it’s made her more aware and encourages her to stay on top of her health. They do say to “practice what you preach!”