My name is Sadie Dawn. I am a Massage Therapy graduate from MacEwan University and have completed 500 hours of YTT with Michele Theoret at Empowered Yoga.

From a very young age, I spoke of becoming a massage therapist. Growing up with an affectionate family taught me the power of touch at an early age. Yoga came later in my life, after participating in team sports concluded I sought out something to keep me moving.

I have a thorough understanding of how pain, stress and a variety of physical conditions affect the body and body systems. Massage can alleviate pain, discomfort and stress, and prevent, mitigate or maintain physical conditions, all the while facilitate movement and enhance body awareness. Whether your visit is due to injury, ailment or solely the everyday wear and tear of life, it is my goal to optimize function and create a therapeutic experience, inviting you into your body.

I have always found the human body fascinating, later intrigued by the relationship and intricacies of anatomy and physiology. This curiosity and wonder is what has lead me to my studies as a massage therapist, yoga instructor and movement educator.