R.Ac, RMT, Instructor, Wholistic practitioner

I love helping people transform their relationship with health from frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed to empowered, engaged, and excited by taking ancient wisdom and combining it with modern science and digital technologies to create a natural system of medicine that consistently delivers incredible results to my patients and clients.

As an Acupuncturist, I’ve trained at MacEwan University, going through extensive hours of supervised practice. Later implemented my new skills in my own practice while investing myself into continued education, exploring and learning advanced acupuncture styles & techniques. This is a lifelong journey and I’m very excited about its numerous paths and mostly, about the change and the discoveries I’ll make along with it.

I am dedicated to my patients’ health and to lasting global health. This means getting rid of symptoms, increasing quality of life, and ultimately optimising all vital functioning.

I understand, through my own life and through treating others, that health for the long term is not about a magic pill, it is about a balanced lifestyle in all aspects of it; it is about taking responsibility for our own, for each other’s, and the planet’s health. This is made easiest by creating an environment, culture, and infrastructure that fosters mindful living.

I help my patients identify what is causing their problem, what will manage or resolve it by creating a wholistic and healing environment, and providing custom treatments based on each unique condition to accelerate the healing process.

As a patient, you, in turn, must accept only the best for yourself to help make this a reality, and to remove the idea of failure from your mind; there is only winning and learning!

I use a combination of ancient, tried, and tested methods, leading-edge natural science, and the newest digital technology because it is all medicine.

I am committed to balance, harmony, and vitality, in body, mind, spirit, and in society. This is my passion and purpose, my whole focus.

Oksana’s interests outside the clinic include camping, traveling, hiking, and the great outdoors as a whole. You also can’t forget great company to share good food and family.