I graduated from Grant Macewan’s 2200 hour Massage Therapy Diploma Program in 2016. I am trained in a wide variety modalities that include hands on therapeutic methods such as Swedish relaxation, Deep Tissue, Sport Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Myofascial techniques. By combining such techniques with other modalities such as dynamic cupping, TENS therapy, athletic taping, therapeutic exercise and stretching, I strive to create the best treatment for my patients. Whether working on a high-level athlete, a weekend warrior, or “just a regular Joe”, I customise each treatment to ensure maximum results and benefits for my patient.

I have always been involved in sports and athletics in some capacity. As an athlete, I fully understand the rigours of training and competition, as well as the importance of recovery and rehabilitation. I believe that my experience as a multi-sport athlete gives me the opportunity to connect with athletes and to help develop treatment plans that will take their respective sports into consideration. As a member of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association, I have had the honour and opportunity to work with athletes of all ages and from all different sports. Some of the sports I have worked with so far include: Rugby, Football, Basketball, Martial Arts and Combat Sports, Swimming, Marathon and Triathlons, Cross Country, Track & Field, and Bodybuilding. Most recently, I had the honour of working with the Canadian Senior Men’s Rugby team.