I have 8 years of massage experience and have been a registered massage therapist since 2015, specializing in therapeutic massage.

Whether you are coming in because of chronic pain from an old injury, or because you slept funny and can’t seem shake the kink in your neck. I will integrate all aspects of my education to create an individual treatment plan to fit your specific needs.

Modalities include:

• Deep Tissue
• Orthopedic Massage
• Neuromuscular Massage
• Myofascial Release
• Active Release
• Sports Massage
• Stretching/Corrective Exercises
• Relaxation

Using these modalities I am able to work towards locating the source of the pain and effectively treating it as needed.

I strive to educate my clients and will also provide them with the insight and proper stretches/corrective exercises you need to continue the results of the massage at home.

I look forward to working alongside you on your path of healing!