Cianna Thompson

Registered Massage Therapist

I’ve been a registered massage therapist since March of 2012. I have had experience in both spa and chiropractic clinical settings. I’ve worked on a wide variety of clientel with many different needs, and strive to give each person the best possible treatment I can. Based on my findings, each treatment is a little different as I use various skills and techniques I’ve learned along the way to give you a truly unique experience.

I always try to find the root of all injuries and pains and treat them accordingly. Educating my clients on body mechanics and everyday postural patterns, and working to correct them.

I enjoy working with fascia, the connective tissues of the body. Using techniques such as deep tissue, orthopaedic massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, joint mobilization, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, relaxation and various stretches.

I am a certified Neuromuscular Therapist, certified RAPID NeuroFascial Reset therapist, and have also taken a Jade Stone massage course as part of my continued education.

I can’t wait to work with you on your path to healing.

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