I began my journey in massage therapy in the mid-1980s. Back then, we were called “masseuses” and there was no such thing as associations or direct billing. I took a 250-hour course from the Royal Acupressure Society of Alberta and moved into practicing. After a few years, I stopped practicing so that I could start my family.

After a few years of being a stay-at-home mom, I decided to go back to school and become an esthetician. During my time in that profession, I was an educator, platform speaker, spa owner, and later, owned and operated my own esthetic school. I took additional training and moved into medical esthetics, working for dermatologists and assisting with laser and injections.

It was 2004 when I decided to return to massage therapy. By this time, there was more structure and direct billing was now available. The province did not require 2200 hours of education in order to practice and like many therapists, I took my first year of college and then moved into practicing. A year later, I went back to college and moved into the healthcare field, while still maintaining my client base. I worked as a therapist until 2010 and then moved, fully, into nursing.

Along with massage and nursing, I was also a doula (birth coach) and was privileged to assist in many births over a span of several years. The last birth that I assisted on was the most memorable because it was the arrival of my first grandchild.

After getting burned out working in palliative care, I decided to return to massage therapy in 2018. I entered a local college, directly, and completed my final 1200 hours. I have been practicing, full-time, ever since. I love knowing that my clients leave feeling better than they did when they arrived. I am a “helper” by nature, so massage is something that fits naturally with my personality. My favorite modality, so far, is myofascial release and cupping. It’s amazing to see the body respond and realign. The next skill I want to learn is Thai Massage, hopefully, in Thailand.

I am proud to be a part of the team at TBC and to be here for the wonderful clients that we support!