I completed the 3000 hour Massage Therapy Program at MaKami College in 2021.

Leading up to massage therapy my career path originated in the construction industry which has taught me a lot about my own body. I was quite stubborn and naive when it came to looking after my body and mind with the benefits of massage, however, when I discovered the sense of well-being and active release from my very first experience it was life changing for me. I’ve learned we all require maintenance and it is critical to preventing the loss of everyday movements we sometimes take for granted.

Muscles have always intrigued me in multiple ways, I often research injuries and conditions that can diminish our enjoyment of playing the sports we love and extreme chronic issues that can arise or stem from a simple fall. My goals and objectives are endless in regards to solving those sometimes painful and unexpected issues that we endure throughout life with therapeutic massage treatments.

I am a very active and competitive individual who enjoys competing in and watching every sport out there. Staying in tune with my body is very important to me and I feel that sharing my knowledge of anatomy, stretching, posture and massage will aid others through their struggles. My deep understanding of training gives me the opportunity to develop a treatment plan that works to its full capacity and ends with positive results.

I look forward to serving new and existing clients at Therapeutic Body Concepts.