Our Guide to Scar Tissue Massage – Everything You Need to Know

While surgery’s primary purpose is to address a pressing health issue, many surgeons and care teams don’t realize the patient’s concern for the resulting scar, which can be bigger and darker than expected. It’s nearly impossible to escape scars, as it’s your body’s way of healing from injuries and incisions. Still, some people end up with unsightly ones they try to lighten and treat.

Luckily, it’s possible to improve the appearance of scars through scar tissue massage. A good massage therapist in Edmonton will break up scar tissue through this technique, healing your scar. Here’s what you need to know about scar tissue massage:

What are Scars?

Scars are marks that your skin, or internal to the skin in your connective tissue, that forms during the healing process. When your skin suffers an injury or incision, it triggers your body’s collagen production, which works to heal and close the wound. However, the collagen fibres don’t grow in the same direction, so they often have a discoloured and uneven appearance. Scabs cover wounds to shield them from germs, which can interrupt the healing process. When your injury has fully healed, the scabs will then fall off, revealing the scar underneath.

There are three phases in wound healing. The first is the inflammatory phase, where your blood begins to clot, making the injury our incision look inflamed. The second is the proliferation phase, where collagen fibres form to heal your wound. In this stage, your injury will start scabbing and raising itself from your skin. The last phase is the remodelling phase, where your scar begins to form. Your nerves heal, which is when your scar may feel itchy and sensitive.

How Can Scar Tissue Massage Help?

Scar tissue massage offers more benefits than improving a scar’s appearance. For starters, it decreases scar tissue buildup, which can make muscles stiffer and lose strength. The massage also improves blood flow in the area, enhancing the scar’s pliability while encouraging healing. Scar tissue is often tight, so repeatedly massaging this area will increase your range of movement and the scar’s flexibility, allowing you to move more freely. 

However, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t massage a scar until it’s been at least two weeks since your injury or surgery. Your scar needs enough time to heal before you work on it, or else you risk disrupting the healing process.

How Does Scar Tissue Massage Work?

While it’s best to go to an Edmonton massage therapy clinic for a scar tissue massage treatment, there are a few things you can do to try it out in the meantime. For starters, apply non-scented vitamin E oil or lotion to the scar area and use your thumb or finger pad to massage it in a circular motion. Be sure to press hard enough so that your fingernail turns white without being painful. Move up the scar clockwise and work your way around it with consistent pressure. Then, switch directions by moving counter-clockwise, which will help remove excess fluid from the area.

Massage therapists know more effective techniques to stimulate blood flow and improve your scar’s appearance. However, until it’s time to book your appointment, you can try massaging it yourself to regain feeling in the area.


Scar tissue massage is a safe and non-invasive way to address the appearance and restrictive effects of them. By entrusting your treatment to a seasoned massage therapist, you’ll enjoy an improved appearance of your scar, an increased range of movement, and enhanced blood flow, which will help you feel better after your injury, or surgery.

Therapeutic Body Concepts is an Edmonton massage therapy spa and acupuncture clinic, where you can relax, de-stress or seek much-needed relief from pain and sore muscles. We offer many services, including massage therapy, osteopathy, and exercise therapy. Book an appointment today to enjoy the wonders of scar tissue massage!

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