Our Guide to Post-Workout Massages

Few things compare to the thrill of a good run and the adrenaline that comes with it, but getting a post-workout massage is a formidable contender. Athletes and physically active people prioritize keeping in top shape, decreasing injury, and recovering right away, which is made possible with a massage. It’s incredibly relaxing and helps stretch the muscles you may have overworked when exercising. It also feels great, even when it hurts a bit at first. 

Unravelling the tension that’s built up in your muscles after going for an intense run is vital for recovery, as too much strain will stress your body and cause you to spiral into pain. Working through muscle knots is an excellent way to stretch your tendons and ligaments and minimize any chances of getting injured. However, there are different massages for different purposes, and you’d want to make sure you get the appropriate one to improve your recovery and performance—not hinder it.

The Difference Between a Post-Workout Massage and a Post-Race Massage

If you’re running to stay fit, you’ll opt for a very different workout regimen compared to someone who’s training for a race. That also means you’ll be recovering very differently, and it’s crucial to choose massage therapy in Edmonton that’s tailored to your physical activity needs.

Post-race massages are often given to marathon runners to soothe their muscles and repair damage that resulted from intense, prolonged physical activity. It also reduces inflammation that comes from racing for several minutes or hours a day. 

Meanwhile, post-workout massages cater to quick recoveries, allowing runners to jump back into the fray the next day. These massages help them coast through their training periods while keeping injuries at bay. Post-workout massages can accelerate muscle recovery, minimize post-workout muscle soreness, and encourage better flexibility and range of motion. Ultimately, these massages can boost your performance while relieving any muscle pain you feel. 

Precautions to Take When Getting a Massage

While massages come with a world of benefits, it’s essential to take precautions when receiving recovery massages, as you may end up working your muscle tissues too hard, increasing soreness and extending your recovery time. It’s best to entrust your recovery massages to a good massage therapist in Edmonton, as they’ll know the precise pressure to put on your muscles to induce healing.

You will also want to stay away from massages for the first 48-72 hours after experiencing acute injuries that result from working out. If you insist on getting a massage, make sure it’s away from bruised or inflamed areas, as this can exacerbate the pain and soreness.

The Benefits of Getting a Post-Workout Massage

Although you may be well-aware of the pain relief and recovery acceleration that massage offers runners, getting a massage provides many other benefits. Apart from building muscle, it also dilates blood vessels, improving blood circulation. Since blood flows easier within your system, it also delivers fresh oxygen to your tissue, helping remove toxins and waste products. It also encourages the growth of new mitochondria in skeletal muscle.

Getting a regular massage also offers many psychological benefits, as it helps provide runners with more mental stability and concentration. It also relieves stress, anxiety, and tension since it makes you feel more relaxed by engaging your parasympathetic nervous system. Massages give you a dopamine and serotonin boost while lowering your cortisol levels, making it a crucial part of your workout regimen.


Massages play a vital role in relieving stress and reducing inflammation in your body after working out, helping you recover fast enough to work out again the next day. Whether you’re running to stay fit or you’re training for a marathon, getting a regular massage will make you healthier and last longer as you pound the pavement.

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