Sherwood Park Spa Manicures

TBC Classic Manicure

A 45-minute hand treatment.

Indulge in our TBC Classic Manicure, where meticulous care awaits your hands: Cuticles are gently erased and nails expertly filed and buffed to a smooth finish. Your hands and forearms are treated to a soothing scrub and massage with nourishing moisturizers, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated. Complete the experience with a flawless polish, adding a touch of elegance to your perfectly manicured nails.

TBC Signature Manicure

A 60-minute hand treatment.

All of the benefits of our Classic Manicure, with an added paraffin wax treatment.  A warm and deeply moisturizing experience. As your hands are enveloped in a soothing layer of warm paraffin wax, they are cocooned in intense hydration. Feel the comforting warmth seep into every pore, soothing tired muscles and relieving tension. The nourishing properties of the paraffin wax deeply penetrate the skin, leaving it supple, soft, and rejuvenated. Indulge in this decadent treatment and let your hands revel in the ultimate pampering experience, emerging refreshed and revitalized.

TBC Express Manicure

A 30-minute hand treatment.

Indulge in our express manicure, a swift yet rejuvenating experience for your hands. We meticulously care for your cuticles and nails, guaranteeing precision and tidiness, and expertly polish your nails to perfection.

Perfect for children or individuals desiring a speedy refresh between regular manicure appointments, this treatment prioritizes efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Treat yourself to a brisk yet delightful pampering session with our express manicure!

Men's Manicure

A 45-minute hand treatment designed for Men, or anyone seeking targeted care for hand tissue health over aesthetics.

Treat yourself to our tailored men’s manicure, crafted to address the unique needs of active hands. Begin with a soothing warm herbal soak, relieving tension and preparing your hands for indulgence. We meticulously groom cuticles and shape nails to perfection, ensuring a polished finish that exudes confidence.

But the pampering doesn’t end there. We shift our focus to address specific hand concerns stemming from your activities, sports, or work. Whether it’s soothing tired muscles from a long day of use or addressing the wear and tear of your daily tasks, our specialized treatments target these areas. With a keen emphasis on rejuvenation and relief, your hands receive gentle exfoliation and massage with moisturizers, leaving your skin feeling soft, renewed, and prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Indulge in our men’s manicure and discover the ultimate in relaxation and revitalization, tailored to meet your individual needs!

UV Gel Polish Manicure

A 45-minute hand treatment.

Experience the full benefits of our TBC Classic Manicure enhanced with UV-cured gel polish application, ensuring a lasting shine for at least 3 weeks!

Kindly note: Removal of this polish requires additional time.

French Polish - Add On

Elevate your manicure experience with our exquisite French polish add-on. This timeless enhancement infuses elegance and sophistication into your nails, showcasing a classic yet refined look.

With our French polish add-on, your nails receive meticulous attention to detail. A pristine white tip is delicately applied to the edge of each nail, creating a striking contrast against the natural or polished base color of your choice. The result is a flawless and chic finish that exudes timeless beauty.

Indulge in the epitome of style and grace with our French polish manicure add-on, perfect for any occasion or personal preference.

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