Improve Your Sleep Quality With Massage Therapy

Have you been having trouble sleeping? Getting enough sleep is necessary for the body to function properly and to help prevent brain fog. Sadly, the reality is that millions of people all across the globe experience sleep problems. Undeniably, these sleep problems have detrimental effects. Some examples include low work performance to mental health challenges to serious chronic diseases, and may even lead to substance abuse.

The good news is that there are many ways to help improve sleep quality. Understandably, maintaining a balanced diet and keeping an active lifestyle are great ways to improve your health and encourage better quality sleep. However, another unsung hero when it comes to improving sleep quality is massage therapy. 

Have a Good Night: Get to Sleep Faster With Massage Therapy 

If you have tried everything from drinking chamomile tea to counting sheep before bedtime to no avail, massage therapy may just be the solution you have been searching for. Continue reading to find out how massage therapy can help people who struggle to get some shut-eye at night.

Massage Therapy for Better Sleep

There is a scientific explanation for why massage therapy is effective for people who want to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply at night. To better understand why massage therapy is so effective, it is helpful to look into the chemistry behind sleep. Massage directly influences the body to produce increased serotonin, and serotonin helps with relaxation and positively improves sleep quality. In fact, improved serotonin levels are part of the reason why you feel relaxed after a massage.

Reduced Fatigue From Better Sleep

Massage therapy can help people relax and let go of the stress they may feel after a long day at work or a particularly intense experience. Specifically, massage helps to release physical tension in the muscles, which helps with mental and emotional relaxation. Reduced tension in the body and mind helps people relax and get to sleep faster and improves sleep quality. In turn, better sleep quality can reduce levels of fatigue. 

All Ages Can Benefit

Massage therapy has been shown to help individuals of all ages get improved sleep. Firstly, babies benefit from getting massages to reduce their stress and help them sleep more peacefully. Additionally, people who have injuries and various aches and pains in their body benefit from massage therapy as do people with chronic pain. Likewise, seniors who feel pain and discomfort brought about by their advanced age and medical conditions may also benefit from having regular massage therapy sessions.

Don’t Let Pain Stop You From Sleeping

Massage helps to relax the muscles and tendons that are affected by injuries. It can also stop pain messages from going to and from the brain through its effect on the nerves. Additionally, pain may also be caused by toxins that accumulate in our muscles and tissues, and massage therapy can help the body release these toxins. With reduced pain and discomfort, people can often fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.

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Massage can help people feel more comfortable in their own bodies, contributing to a more comfortable and better quality of sleep. If you are looking for ways to relieve pain, reduce stress and improve the quality of your nightly slumber, massage therapy may be the solution you are looking for.

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