How to Become a Registered Massage Therapist

Becoming a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) is a career choice that grows more popular every year as people learn about the many benefits of massages. As massage therapy becomes a more mainstream health solution, you might be considering training to become an RMT. But what’s the process for becoming an RMT, and what kind of training will you need? 

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll know what to expect and what you’ll need to get started on your journey to becoming a Registered Massage Therapist. 

Why Become an RMT?

If you’re interested in becoming an RMT, you likely already know some of the benefits that come with this career. When you earn a certificate or diploma in massage therapy, you’ll have the skills to get a job immediately after graduation, choose your own hours, and you can make the decision to be completely self-employed or work within a reputable clinic such as Therapeutic Body Concepts

Beyond the flexibility that comes with being a massage therapist, there are other, less obvious benefits too – you’ll be getting your day’s worth of physical activity every time you work, and you’ll generally be working in a calm and peaceful environment. Not to mention, your work makes people happy, and clients will almost certainly look forward to appointments and felt grateful for the work you do.

How to Become an RMT

Are You Suited to Become an RMT?

The first thing to consider before taking the leap into the world of massage therapy is whether or not you’d be suited to the career. There are a few aspects to massage therapy that will help you decide whether this is the right path for you:

Physical Demand

Massage therapy is a very physical job, involving hours on your feet and considerable upper body strength. It will certainly keep you in shape, but if you aren’t looking for a physically demanding job, this may not be the right path.

RMT Lifestyle

Having a career in massage comes with interesting scheduling. Flexibility and handling your own schedule is one of the biggest benefits of being an RMT. However, this doesn’t mean total flexibility all the time – you may have to work evenings or weekends to serve clients, so if you’re looking for a 9-5, you may not find it as an RMT.

Qualities of a Great RMT

Being an RMT revolves around working with and helping people professionally in order to promote health and wellness. An empathetic and caring personality is key to being a great massage therapist, as is an appreciation for the health of others around you.

Complete a Massage Therapy Program

The first critical step to becoming an RMT is completing an RMT program. There are a wide variety of massage therapy programs offered in and around the Edmonton area for you to choose from. Do your research to decide which program works best for you. Upon completing the program, you’ll receive a certificate, diploma or similar degree, and you’ll be well on your way to working as an RMT. You’ll still have to complete your full 2200 education hours to become an RMT.

Here are some of the schools in the Edmonton Area:

Join an Association

Associations advocate for RMTs all around the world and support them by offering resources, insurance, exclusive discounts, and other great benefits. Research which associations recognize the massage therapy program you’ll be completing, and what it takes to join one. We recommend you take a look at the following Associations:

Learn More About Becoming an RMT

If you want to learn more about what it’s like to be a Registered Massage Therapist, our team at Therapeutic Body Concepts would be happy to talk to you about the process. Get in touch and we can help you learn why becoming an RMT is a great career choice and how to plan for success. 

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