How Can Massage Therapy Help Me Improve My Sleep

You may spend every night tossing and turning in bed for hours because you couldn’t sleep. You may have even tried countless night-time routines before going to bed but still, end up being awake in the middle of the night. If you’re suffering from these problems, you’re not alone. A study states that 30 percent of Canadians are having sleep disorder issues

The good news is you can improve your sleep by getting massage therapy. Use this article as your guide to learning more about what happens to your body when you’re always sleep-deprived and how massaging can help you address it.

What Are the Effects of Sleep Deprivation?

Having an insufficient quality of sleep can significantly affect your body and impact your well-being. You may suffer from memory issues problems, a weakened immune system, anxiety, and chronic health conditions, like heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure. You are also at risk of accidents, a lower libido, and weight gain if you constantly have poor sleep.

How Can Massage Therapy Help Me Have Good Sleep?

You may have tried meditating, journaling, and even taking sleeping pills to improve your quality of sleep. If all these methods failed to help you have a restful sleep, massage therapy might work for you. Here are some of its positive effects on your body:

  • Increase in dopamine and serotonin

A study finds that individuals have decreased cortisol levels plus increased dopamine and serotonin after their massage therapy. This is crucial because these hormones are involved in your sleeping and wake cycles. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter that plays a major role in the way you think, plan, and focus. When you have an increase in dopamine, expect improvement in your learning, motivation, mood, and attention. 

On the other hand, serotonin helps stabilize your mood and is responsible for your sense of happiness and well-being. Besides having improved sleep, you will have enhanced eating and digestion when you have an increased serotonin level. You can also manage your depression symptoms better, maintain your bone health, and control your anxiety.

  • Lesser sleep disturbance

Frequently waking up in the middle of the night can ruin your quality of sleep. Fortunately, you can reduce it when you find a reputable massage therapy spa. This is further validated by a study that finds those who were experiencing lower back pain and underwent 30-minute massage sessions twice per week within five weeks have reduced sleep disturbance. It works by helping you get in deep and restorative stages of sleep.

  • Increased endorphins

Endorphins are a positive hormone that helps relieve pain and stress. After a massage, you can have an increased level of this feel-good neurotransmitter. As you feel more relaxed and at peace, you can have a better sleep.


Poor or lack of sleep has detrimental effects on your physical, mental, and emotional health in the long run. To reverse these effects on your body, you should prioritize having better sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, massage therapy may be the answer to your sleep problems. Look for a trusted massage therapy centre like ours so you can finally sleep better.

Enjoy an effective massage therapy in South Edmonton by heading to Therapeutic Body Concepts. Aside from massage therapy, we offer acupuncture, Thai massage, exercise therapy, and more. Book an appointment today!

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