How Can Manual Therapy Help Me With Stress and Pain?

Stress affects us all. No matter who you are, you’ll need downtime to recover and ward off its physical effects. 

There are many ways to recover from stress. Manual therapy may be the best and most enduring method to ease ill effects on the body, preferably in a proper massage therapy clinic. Read more to learn its key advantages.

The Benefits of Proper Manual Therapy

Stress and body pain usually go hand in hand. The direct victim here is usually unseen—our sympathetic nervous system or SNS. It is the reactionary front of our body that takes a beating depending on the levels of stress we receive.

Elevated stress levels can cause medical conditions, like asthma, bowel problems, heart disease, and hypertension. Manual therapy goes straight where stress manifests itself physically. You can find help at a good massage therapy clinic for specific treatment or a combination of them to correct these issues.

There are two main ways manual therapy works:

  • Applying calculated pressure on soft tissue.

    Massaging is one of the best ways to solve physical pain from muscle strain and overexertion. By applying proper pressure, it eases muscle problems brought about by stress and also gets our blood pumping. Restoring blood circulation and easing muscle pain can restore us to optimum physical condition.
  • Proper movement and manipulation of bone and joint areas.

    Over time, bone and muscle areas and the joints get tired from too much stress. You need to ease joints from wrong movements and muscle strain to restore them to full movement with no pain. Your back and shoulders will be restored to their proper positioning and movement, with the correct manipulation through chiropractic correction and physiotherapy.

Main Types of Manual Therapy

  • Massage:

    A proper massage therapy session can be the answer to ending muscle and joint pain, such as the shoulders, neck, back, and arms. The direct application of physical touch and pressure to affected body parts. Unlike chiropractic work and physiotherapy, massaging goes directly to body parts that need specific attention.
  • Chiropractic Work:

    You won’t be able to relax and recover with pinched nerves and spinal area problems. Chiropractors will adjust and realign the spine to ease the pressure off pinched nerves, stiff muscles, muscle knots, and other ailments.

    Many neuromuscular issues can be corrected by a session with a good chiropractor. Long hours of working, improper posture, slouching, and bent backs will create so much spinal, joint, and bone stress.
  • Physiotherapy Exercises:

    Many issues with stress-related physical disorders are remedied through calculated physiotherapy. Direct movement through exercise with proper assistance restores muscle and joint well-being. Like chiropractic treatments, it aims to correct these physical difficulties through proper exercise and manipulation to increase blood circulation and loosen up tightened muscles.

Final Thoughts

Stress can be detrimental to our minds and bodies. It affects our nerves, muscles, bones, and joints. It can debilitate our everyday functions. Manual therapy, however, can pinpoint specific stress spots on our bodies and address them in the most direct and organic way.

Don’t let it worsen over time—you need the best massage therapy in Edmonton and St. Albert. Call us and get the healing you deserve!

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