Getting a Massage When You Have Health Concerns—What to Know

Getting a massage is always a good idea for most people. When you’ve had a long and tiring week, and all you want to do is feel relaxed and loosen the tension in your body, going for massage therapy sounds promising.

However, there are instances where it may not be a good idea to book a massage. If you’re coming down with a fever, feel dizzy or nauseous, or have bruises, rashes, wounds, or sunburn, for example, then you should hold off on your massage appointment until you’re all well. As such, it’s crucial to get better or seek medical treatment first before thinking about having a massage. Meanwhile, other health concerns may benefit from a massage, but it’s best to ask your doctor about it to ensure there won’t be complications down the line. 

Keep reading below to learn more about particular health conditions and massages.

Getting a Massage While Facing a Health Condition

Whether you have a temporary or recurring health issue, it’s crucial to let your massage therapist know about it so they can make the necessary adjustments to the treatment. They will be more cautious about their methods after acquiring a better understanding of your condition and the symptoms you are going through.

Moreover, you should discuss with a therapist if your medical condition is severe or manageable to ensure they know how to provide you with the right kind of massage. After all, there are various treatments available, and it’s important to receive a massage that can target your symptoms effectively. 

Chronic Conditions to Tell Your Therapist

  •       Contagious skin conditions
  •       Circulatory system problems
  •       Digestive system problems
  •       Endocrine system problems
  •       Musculoskeletal system problems
  •       Nervous system problems
  •       Respiratory system problems
  •       Immune system problems
  •       Edema

Additional Precautions Concerning Your Health Condition

Besides the chronic conditions listed above, if you are currently facing other health problems that might lead to adverse effects when you get a massage, you should think twice before proceeding. If your situation keeps coming back or has reached a point wherein it’s considered critical, then you should check in with your healthcare provider first.

Knowing what they will advise you with is crucial before deciding to see a massage therapist. Depending on your case, a massage can make your situation better, so long as a therapist applies modified techniques according to your needs.

Getting a Personalized Massage Based on Your Requirements

If, for example, you don’t have any chronic or acute health conditions, but you do have an open wound, burn, or another type of injury, then it’s essential to let a therapist know before the session. That way, they will avoid the affected area, and you can still look forward to a massage.

In addition, if you are allergic to particular oils, creams, cleansers, chemical solutions, and fabrics one can typically encounter when getting a massage, you need to tell your therapist. Letting them know before your scheduled session helps them adjust everything according to your demands, such as incorporating different products to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.


While getting a massage is an excellent idea to encourage good health and wellness, it’s not always the solution you require when facing severe medical conditions. Before you think about visiting a massage therapy clinic, it’s best to ask your doctor if getting a massage will affect your health concerns negatively.

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