Everything You Need to Know About Visceral Manipulation

Many people report that visceral manipulation, a type of Massage Therapy and also part of Manual Osteopathy, can help relieve digestion issues, stress, and chronic back pain. Is it, however, truly effective? Continue reading this article to find out more. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Visceral Massage

Visceral manipulation (also known as visceral massage) concentrates on the organs, and the primary emphasis is usually on the abdomen. The objective is to reduce stress, increase connective tissue mobility, and enhance digestive function.

Many people wonder if there is a risk of having a negative reaction to visceral massage. The truth is that visceral manipulation is typically safe for most persons when conducted by a qualified practitioner. 

What Is Visceral Manipulation?

Massage therapy is a sort of visceral manipulation. A professional practitioner will utilise gentle manipulations to help improve abdominal mobility. It treats digestive issues like bloating, cramps, and constipation. It can also help with stress and back discomfort.

Is Visceral Manipulation Effective?

The American Massage Therapy Association states that traditional muscle massage therapy can offer significant emotional and physical benefits.

What about visceral massage, though? Here are some of the benefits of visceral manipulation. 

  • Aids With Digestion 

Digestion can be aided by visceral manipulation of the abdominal region. One study found that constipation and bloating can be reduced after receiving a 15-minute abdominal massage twice daily for three days.

  • Alleviates Back Pain 

Visceral manipulation may also be beneficial in the treatment of upper back discomfort. Upper trapezius muscle function can be enhanced, and cervical spine discomfort can be reduced after a single osteopathic visceral manipulation session centred on the liver and stomach. Lower back pain can also be addressed from the front of the abdomen when working on the muscle tissue that attaches through the body and into the lower back.

  • Helps With Menstrual Cramps

People who had massages at least six days before their period arriedl reported having had less cramping and discomfort due to the massages than those who did not.

  • Helps Reduce Bloating

Those who received a 15-minute abdominal massage twice a day for three days said they felt less bloated and improved their general health. The massage had no impact on pain, exhaustion, body weight, or nausea among the participants. 

  • Relieves Constipation 

Visceral massages can aid you with your constipation issues, as those who had an abdominal massage had more bowel motions than those who did not.

Is Visceral Manipulation Safe? 

When done by a good massage therapist in Edmonton or St. Albert, visceral massages are safe (or Manual Osteopathic Therapist). But, before you do come in for the treatment, take note of the following: 

  • If you’ve recently undergone abdominal surgery, avoid getting an abdominal massage.
  • If you’re pregnant or have any chronic health conditions, consult your doctor before setting an abdominal massage appointment.
  • Avoid eating for a few hours before the massage to avoid indigestion.

Visceral Manipulation Alternatives

Pain relief and belly problems can be relieved in a variety of ways, including visceral manipulation. Here are a few excellent choices.

  • Yoga – Regular yoga practice may also help your body and mind relax and strengthen.
  • Meditation – Meditation is good for reducing stress, and studies suggest it may also help with physical discomfort and sleep.


Over time, people’s daily lives and situations can lead to limits and physical imbalances that are addressed by visceral manipulation, which promotes body healing. If you need to relax and alleviate body pains, make sure to visit an Edmonton or St. Albert massage therapy clinic. 

Therapeutic Body Concepts is a massage and acupuncture clinic offering massage therapy in Edmonton and St. Albert. We also provide other services such as manual osteopathy and RAPID Neurofascial Reset. Book an appointment with us today!

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