We Direct Bill to Your Benefits!

Our office is pleased to offer direct billing to your Extended Health Benefit Provider. To offer this service, we require a valid Credit Card, or Visa Debit on file for any charges not covered by your Benefit Provider. This information will be collected at your first visit with us.

*Please note that your credit card will not be charged for the outstanding balance until the insurance company has responded/paid Therapeutic Body Concepts. Our office will contact you with the amount to be paid prior to charging your card.

*Some extended health benefit companies require a Physician’s Referral for Massage Therapy. You will need to contact them to find out. If this is the case, you must submit the referral to your benefit company (not us) prior to your massage treatment date allowing adequate processing time.

*We are unable to direct bill for any Osteopathic Therapy services.

We are pleased to offer direct billing for these providers:


*We Do Not Directly Bill to Sirius Benefits and Pacific Blue Cross*

MVA – Motor Vehicle Accidents:

We can directly bill to your motor vehicle insurance once approved. A valid credit card, or VISA debit must be on file to directly bill. There is additional paperwork that will need to be filled out prior to your treatment.


Please Note:

We cannot Directly Bill for 2 hour massages to Sunlife Insurance or Alberta Blue Cross due to restrictions within their system.


IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE BENEFIT PLANS, WE CAN ONLY BILL TO THE PRIMARY PLAN. Any remaining balance will need to be paid and submitted to your secondary plan. There are two exceptions to this:

– If your secondary plan is Blue Cross, Sun Life, Co-operators, Nexgen, or Greenshield