Depression & Massage

For people who have been suffering from depression for a long time, massage therapy may provide some key benefits you have overlooked. This has primarily been cultivated through traditional Chinese medicine, as working on specific points of the body have been deeply rooted in releasing emotional or mental distress and pain.

This therapy helps in the gradual release of tension and inner stress, thus helping patients feel a bit better in the process. However, it begs to question: what must you take into consideration to unlock its benefits and effectively treat generalized cases of depression?

First off, it is vital to note that it is not a prescribed cure to bettering any diagnosed case or even any mental health disorder. It is thus important to seek out professional help and care before considering this option for your treatment regimen. However, it has been noted that this therapy can be used effectively in conjunction with other modes of medical treatment, such as cognitive-based therapy, meditation, Acupuncture and medication.

As a preliminary guide, this article investigates the many benefits of massage therapy and the different types.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Depression

If these key benefits are what you may be working on, consider massage therapy as an effective means to better your mental health:

  • Helps Reduce Generalized Stress: Massage therapy can relieve pain immediately and work towards identifying key pressure points connected to the heart and brain. As such, it can effectively reduce stress levels, especially after a rigorous workday or a series of academic examinations for example.

As the stress also manifests itself as physical pain, such as headaches or fatigue, this kind of therapy also unlocks true active rest—allowing you to easily doze off during the session and feel at ease afterwards.

  • Aids in the Release of Tension: Aside from your stress levels, muscular tension can also be relieved. Some of your body parts tense up or become worn out due to certain tasks. If you effectively point out the area of tension during a massage session, you can “release” it and work towards moving normally—thus preparing you for another day of work.
  • Can Provide Immediate Relief: There are two different types of body tension: more chronic or “long term,” and the more acute or “short term.” The latter can be worked on and provide immediate relief to the body and thus translates into a more relaxed state.


Different Types of Massage Therapy

Now that you have an idea of its key benefits, it is time to investigate the different kinds of massage therapy you can choose from. This is important because this allows you to personalize your treatment and cater to your specific needs. In the case of depression, it is especially important to find the best therapy for you that also coincides with any current treatments you are undergoing.

Consider these different types of massage to add to your treatment regimen:

  • Shiatsu: This kind of massage is like getting Acupuncture, as it focuses on key points in your body and applies firm pressure to them. It is intense but can be extremely effective and beneficial.


  • Swedish Massage: This is an extremely popular kind of massage as the therapist works on kneading or repeatedly working through your sore muscles through smooth and circular motions. This is a good starting point for most first-timers and is considered to be relaxation massage.


  • Deep Tissue Massage: This type of massage is slightly more intense than Swedish and focuses on the connective tissues closest to your muscles and bones. For clients undergoing deep stress or those who wish to release severe tension, this may be the option for you.


  • Reflexology: This is more commonly known as a foot massage and is also very methodical and precise in nature. Therapists typically follow a chart that associates areas of the foot as being connected to specific organs and body systems. They then add pressure to the area depending on the request of their clients and specific needs. This therapy is deeply relaxing as well as effective for any ailments.


  • Hot Stone Massage: The massage uses flat stones made of lava rock to provide pressure. The stones have been warmed up in hot water. The heat used in the treatment is very relaxing for your body and your tissues. Hot stone massage is well known for its relaxing effects and is becoming recognized for its therapeutic benefit as well.


Massage therapy can be a key part of the healing process in depression. It is most effective when paired with other treatments and therapies. If you are looking into multiple therapeutic services to specifically better your mental health, consider this therapy as an effective aid.

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