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Therapeutic Body Concepts is a small, community based gem that I am absolutely blessed to have been referred to. A west Edmonton massage therapy clinic nestled in a residential area, it is a welcoming and healing space. My previous massage experience in other studios had left me feeling wanting. I felt I had a laundry list of issues to deal with and I knew it would take time to work through them. When I went to Therapeutic Body Concepts, I was provided with the typical medical forms (they are trying to help with your health after all!) and filled them out in earnest of my first appointment. As I documented my medical history, I had the overwhelming sensation I usually get when I need to explain my history. However, I was pleasantly surprised that, before I underdressed and my massage began, my massage therapist went over each of my issues and worked with me to prioritize them. My first priority was to prevent random muscle spasms in my legs. My massage therapist worked with gentleness, kindness, and care. A true professional.


After the massage, I was offered a glass of water and some tips to keep my muscles loose between sessions. I followed the directions diligently until my next session and have been relieved of the random spasms after almost a decade of suffering.


At this point, I was sold on the healing aspects of massage therapy and noticed a difference in my mood, level of patience and appreciation for living without that pain. I decided to keep going to TBC.


During this session, my RMT let me know that they were moving onto bigger and better things and my file would be passed on. Not unlike a doctor or other professional. While I was sad for the loss of my healing partner, I was glad that they were growing in a way that would make them happy. I was and am happy that I decided to stay on as a client with TBC, as I then started my healing journey all over again, or so I thought.


I booked my next appointment with the owner, Tia. Before our first massage together, she told me she had already gone over my chart and wanted to know if I was still having issues with my legs. I was impressed at this level of prep work and realized that this is an expectation at TBC. No wonder my previous experience was great! Tia had set high expectations for her team and it showed in their diligence, attention to detail and demonstration of care. I’ve been seeing Tia since and she has worked me through migraine headaches, tension in my neck and shoulders while keeping tabs on my legs.


In addition to the staff and their expertise, TBC has taken great care to ensure that their massage rooms and lobby are decorated with peace and tranquility in mind. The scents they use are lovely and relaxing, with a diffuser in each room. My favourite part of the massage rooms is the heating pads that they have to warm up the blanket and sheet you go under. During the massage, Tia keeps the heating pad on the half of my body she isn’t working on and, while I’m confident there’s some wisdom to warming up the muscles first, I find it deeply satisfying and relaxing to have it.


After each of my massages, I’ve found it simple to pay (they have direct billing!) and I can even pay before so when I’m zenned out after I can relax, drink my water then head home.


I’m in absolute love with TBC. I look forward to many more visits and trying different types of massage! Highly recommend this gem in west Edmonton to everyone!

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