Benefits Experienced After an Acupuncture Appointment

What A Patient Experiences After an Acupuncture Appointment

Seeing acupuncture in films may often make it seem like it’s a made-up practice, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, it’s one of the most famous forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine that’s been supported with medical theory and evidence. Due to its effectiveness, many countries worldwide have learned to adopt the technique to treat numerous health conditions.

To name a few, acupuncture has been linked to helping people who are suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, menopause and other muscle-related symptoms. If you or a loved one is struggling with any of these, you may want to consider making an appointment and trying it out.

Many experience a variety of results after going through acupuncture, but here’s what you can  expect:

Instant Pain Relief

People who try out acupuncture boast about the instant pain relief that they experience afterward, thanks to the targeted blockage clearing in the session.

Those with chronic pain will feel an ease in their condition, but how long that alleviation lasts can depend on the severity of their condition. If the injury or pain isn’t too great before the acupuncture appointment, you can expect the pain relief effects to be much more long-lasting. If your condition is chronic, your treatments will need to be more frequent to prolong the healing effects and to lengthen the pain relief.

Deep Relaxation

Along with the instant pain relief comes forth deep relaxation. People who get acupuncture may feel quite drowsy, which is completely normal as the session tends to increase the body’s natural morphine. Morphine production tends to allow a person to completely relax and often Acupuncture clients leave feeling like they are on a cloud.

With acupuncture wilfully putting your body to rest, you can look forward to getting a good night’s sleep after the appointment. Plus, your body would heal and recover faster from any current ailments without the issue of sleep deprivation.

Emotional Liberation

Although emotional liberation and sensitivity may be the last thing that acupuncture could ever offer you, some patients actually report cases of experiencing emotional releases. This may be credited to the clear-mindedness that comes right after a long rest after the acupuncture.

Many find themselves crying or grieving for a past experience that they have gone through despite not thinking of it for a while. There’s a certain clarity in their mental and emotional state after acupuncture, which should be warmly welcomed to keep your mind free and healthy. Emotional releases are part of your body’s process to heal and are completely normal.

Improved Bowel Movements and Urination

Our body may contain toxins from food and other environmental factors, which should always be released through sweat or urination. Acupuncture offers side effects where patients will be able to have a detox experience as the bowel movement improves in the process.

The shift in urinating more often is even without increased water intake and a change in diet. Being able to pair acupuncture with those other habits will allow your body to eliminate any toxins and improve several functions of your body’s systems in the long run.


Some patients may feel all of these results after an acupuncture appointment in a gradual manner, but it is on a case-to-case basis. Regardless though, this therapeutic method can surely do your body quite a bit of good, so consider trying it out.

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