An Introduction to Visceral Manipulation

Whenever the human body is discussed in science classes, it is always talked about in the context of the different organ systems. This may have led many to think of these systems as independent of each other.

However, the truth of the matter is that the bones, muscles, nerves, and viscera—or the internal organs—in your body are interrelated to each other. On top of that, they are constantly communicating with each other.

What might surprise you more is that your organs are not stationary! In fact, they are in perpetual motion, especially when performing their tasks. For example, your lungs expand, and your kidneys move whenever you take a breath.

Visceral Mobility and Health

Visceral mobility refers to how well your organs contract, release, or even squish as needed. These movements are supported by fascia, the connective tissue surrounding and holding every organ, blood vessel, muscle, and bone in place.

A healthy person will have a smooth and efficient visceral mobility. However, there are instances where an organ loses its mobility. It could be caused by physical traumas, a sedentary lifestyle, bad diet, and infections. Aside from these, it could be caused by surgeries as well as pregnancy and delivery. Ultimately, it can also be an effect of the fascia becoming stiff.

When your organs are no longer able to move freely, this creates points of tension inside your body. Ultimately, this may lead to functional and structural problems. This is where visceral manipulation can be particularly helpful.

Visceral Manipulation (VM)

This refers to a manual abdominal massage using light pressing and deep strokes to encourage the normal mobility and tissue motion of your internal organs. When done by a trained and professional therapist, this can help your organs get the circulation and suppleness they need to function well.

Health Benefits of Visceral Manipulation

People seek visceral manipulation for various health reasons. Here are just some of the many benefits that they can experience after receiving this treatment.

  1. Better Digestive Health

As VM mainly works on your abdominal cavity, it can help address certain digestive disorders such as chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. It may also help reduce bloating. Finally, it is also known to help improve your overall digestion.

  1. Relief from Musculoskeletal Pain

Aside from benefiting your abdomen, visceral manipulation treatment can also bring you relief from pain felt in your extremities. It can reduce chronic muscle and joint pain and diminish symptoms of fibromyalgia as well. On top of these, it can help reduce carpal tunnel and sciatica pain.

  1. Better Overall Health

VM can also be used to relieve you of headaches and migraines. It works well in addressing tension and chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain. Ultimately, it can help treat mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, helping you achieve better overall health.


Aside from your bones and muscles, your internal organs need a little massage now and then, too. If you are feeling unwell, visceral manipulation might be just what you need to seek relief, release the tension in your body, and feel at your best again. This treatment works by lightly massaging your abdomen to break up the tension in your fascia, allowing your organs to function and move properly again.

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