5 Reasons Why Massage is Excellent for Your Health

Ah, massages. Who doesn’t like the idea of getting a relaxing massage after a hectic week at work? Just the thought already sets you in a relaxing mood. But did you know that massage has more benefits than simple relaxation? It may be for these reasons that more and more people enjoy regular massage sessions.

You may be wondering if there are benefits of getting a massage that you would enjoy. Therapeutic Body Concepts, experts in massage therapy in Edmonton, shares some of the health-related benefits of a good massage:

Massage Is Good for Joint and Muscle Pain

If you suffer from chronic joint pain, you should consider getting massages regularly to find relief. This applies to those who are experiencing chronic pain like fibromyalgia. If you are pregnant, it is best to consult with your doctor, but in general, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Sore muscles, as you probably already know, get better with a massage. Many people agree that when it comes to muscle soreness like chronic back pain, massage therapy can be as effective as other approaches. 

It Can Relieve Migraines and Headaches

Migraine and headache sufferers can understand how debilitating it is to experience an episode, more so if it’s something they experience on a regular basis. Massages can help lessen the intensity of a headache and even its frequency. In fact, even from just one session of massage therapy, headache sufferers can already experience headache relief.

It Helps Improve Sleep 

Massage encourages a deep and relaxing slumber, which is very important for those who cannot sleep comfortably due to some injury or health condition. For people living with insomnia, getting a massage could help slow down the nervous system, reduce the neurotransmitter for pain, and allow for better quality sleep.  It also works wonderfully for fussy infants who cry for hours. Research done by the University of Warwick showed that infants sleep more and cry less when given a massage. 

It Soothes Anxiety, Depression, and More

In a 2005 study of women who were diagnosed with breast cancer, those who got a massage three times a week were less depressed and less angry. Massage can effectively relax the mind and body, resulting in reduced levels of stress. Also, it said that during a massage, the body’s parasympathetic response (which calms you) increases. What’s even better is that the effects of massage in decreasing anxiety may even be long-lasting.

It Helps Reverse the Bad Effects of All That Prolonged Sitting That You Do

A lot of people deal with postural stress, which often manifests as lower back pain or pain in the neck and shoulders. This postural stress is more common with desk workers who often sit for hours on end. Thankfully, massage can reverse its effects. Regular visits to a good massage therapist in Edmonton can help you recover from the pains caused by sitting too long.

It Combats Fatigue

A busy work week and nights of poor sleep can quickly result in the body getting fatigued. Massages like a jade stone massage can help promote circulation and ease inflamed tissues. Also, a study showed that breast cancer survivors receiving Swedish massages on a weekly basis reported a significant reduction in the fatigue they experienced. 


See, getting massages is not just something luxurious you do to pamper yourself. The health benefits that come with it prove that massages should be a part of your routine measures of caring for your body and mind. 

When you’re ready for a relaxing and healing experience, reach out to Therapeutic Body Concepts for a blissful session of massage therapy in Edmonton. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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